Laravel Vs CodeIgner

Laravel Vs CodeIgner

PHP developers make a comparison of various frameworks. The comparison is the advantages and disadvantages of a framework. Let us know the difference between Laravel and Codeigniter.

1. Laravel

Laravel offers expressive and elegant syntax. Laravel developers can enjoy the development process such as Routing, Authentication and other advantages. This framework is designed in the latest version of PHP. The Laravel framework is considered a framework with a smooth blade patch.Laravel interface contains its own commands or called artisan, this allows developers to perform excessive tasks and can clear cache etc.

Object-Relational Mapping or ORM in Laravel is simple, eloquent and fast. Developers will find it very easy to set up an application database. Laravel is perfect for building a quiet API. In addition, Laravel handles queuing events.

2. CodeIgniter

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CodeIgniter is a PHP framework with MVC model (Model, View, Controller) to build a dynamic website using PHP. Excess CodeIgniter is very fast Performance, very minimal configuration, Many communities and complete documentation.Codeigniter offers output caching, web pages can be cached so that loading time can be faster.

CodeIgniter is easy to use and is based on outboard templates. Developers can easily find support. Because this framework has a very large community that uses frameworks for smaller projects as well as very large projects. Another disadvantage of CodeIgniter is that it does not offer modular separation by default.

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