Kotlin, The Future of Android’s Programming Language

Kotlin, The Future of Android’s Programming Language

Kotlin was first created as a new language for Java Virtual Machine by programmers from Jet Brain Company that based in Saint-Petersburg in 2011. However, they took times to fix it there and there and finally it was released as a stable version and safe for commercial use in February 2016. Even though Kotlin was originally derived from a small island near the city of Saint-Petersburg, this newborn programming language will be a star in more years to come.  

The first version of Kotlin 1.0 is focused on fixing bugs, updating to tooling, IDE support, and more. While Kotlin 1.1, which was released in March this year, is one step improving with new language features and improvements from the old version. Many developers, especially Android devs, are taking interest in Kotlin, since it is more compatible yet simple, easy-to-learn, and has many advantages that will outrun Java. Kotlin’s future is predicted to be bright and here are the reasons why.

Java is considered as an obsolete language

Many Android developers have already switched into Kotlin due to many numerous advantages. However, the primary reason is that Java is thought-out as too outdated (it has been around for more than 20 years already). It causes Java having loads of non-applicable features due to its massiveness and obsolesce.

Kotlin has less verbosity of source codes than Java

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As an Android developer, you must be experiencing how tiring it is to write long code combinations using Java. By using Kotlin, it will save your mind and energy! Using Kotlin means is less writing code by 20 percent tops from Java. Also, Kotlin’s architecture is built from scratch, thus the amount of code to write will also fewer than Java which usually consists of layers of architecture.

Kotlin is proficient in handling nulls

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Kotlin has a special feature for every Android developer for lessening their time squinting your eyes on the computer screen. Yes, it features “all types non-nullable” by default. Imagine, you spend most of your time manually checking whether the link is null or not null and if you miss only one, you just made a “one billion dollar mistake”. But using Kotlin will make you “one billion dollar developer” without too much squinting!

Kotlin saves your time programming

As we mention above, Kotlin requires less code and it has nullable and non-nullable types feature. Hence, it means fewer bugs, less time to check and fix it, more free-time! Also, consider that client who hire you, either as in-house dev or outsource one, will also consider the amount of time you spend on coding, because the more time you spend, the higher total cost for a project and a client wants to hire a dev who has an international-quality products with less money spent as possible.

Kotlin has new features that you can’t yet find in Java

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Kotlin has dozens of new features that will help you develop more Android apps effortlessly. There are some useful features that you can use, such as null safety, extension functions, higher-order functions, data classes, immutability, coroutines, and type aliases. It will make your job easier and is truly a time-saver.

Even though currently there are not many jobs for Kotlin, we are sure as Kotlin keeps growing, so does the job opportunities! Are you ready switching from Java to Kotlin?

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