Karlie Kloss: A Supermodel of Tech

Karlie Kloss: A Supermodel of Tech

A 24-year old supermodel, Karlie Kloss, has long ventured herself in the mission to learn to code. Science is not a stranger for her as her dad is a doctor and she aspired to follow the footsteps of his father. Yet, the chance to pursue science came after she has an ultra-successful career in modeling

It all began 3 years ago when she had a chance to join a class where she merely wanted to find out what “code” was until after she found it mesmerizing and decided to partly devote her life to the industry. On an interview with Vogue, Karlie stated “I see technology become more important to both the business and creativity of fashion. I am fascinated by how code has transformed entire industries and powers so much of the technology that we rely on everyday” which becomes the primary drive for her to be one of the women in technology

During the class, she learned the fundamentals of Ruby on Rails, built some tested apps, and programmed a drone whose ability is to deliver cookies to another class with her classmates. Walking away from the class, Kloss brought another lesson that there are only few girls who have the same chance with her. Therefore she decided to make an impact on tech world by initiating Kode With Klossy

Kode With Klossy | 41studio

Kode with Klossy is a fully-funded summer scholarship for young women partnered with the Flatiron School situated in New York City and Code.org. This coding summer camp is only for girls whose ages range from 13 to18. The program offers collaboration and really awesome teaching method as the key by working with amazing teachers to make a new classroom experience that allows the student connect with each other.

Those who want to apply for this camp scholarship, the submission should be done by the prospective candidates by making both text and video applications to the selecting committee while explaining them why the should pick her to join the camp. This is usually held in two weeks, providing scholarships to more than 60 young women from Los Angeles, New York, and where Karlie is from, St. Louis, Missouri. The main purpose of launching Kode With Klossy is to make more opportunities for girls to gain the interest and learn code simultaneously. Above all else, Karlie Kloss wants to use her popularity to inspire young generation.

Karlie Kloss | 41studio

If you want to join the excitment, do visit Kode With Klossy website for more information

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