Indonesian Startups which Built Their Apps and Websites using PHP

Indonesian Startups which Built Their Apps and Websites using PHP

If you’re a (newbie) developer but still hesitating if learning PHP is the best move, we have listed five Indonesian startups using PHP as a language program for their websites and mobile apps. Without further ado, let’s jump into the list and be inspired!

1., which was previously known as and, is one of the biggest eCommerce website in Indonesia. You can buy literally everything on this website, including second-hand products, property, automotive, etc. This website won several awards, such as Swa’s “Indonesia Best Brand in Online Shopping Category”, Markplus Insight’s “Gold Brank Champion 2013 of Most Widely Used Brank, and much more.  

With over 19 million visited page from all over the world, Olx is one of the most prominent eCommerce in Indonesia and little do we know that it uses PHP as its language program.


Since their foundation in 2012 and was acquired by Alibaba Group in April 2016, Lazada has become the one of the leading online shopping web in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. You can buy everything you want with various type of payments, such as Cash on Delivery (COD). Impressing one for a website that use PHP!


On the previous article, we mentioned many job-seeking websites built using Ruby on Rails, such as and Well, not all of them use Ruby on Rails! is one of the major job-seeking websites that uses PHP as its language program. Found in 2007, it helps either jobseekers find employment or companies  open recruitment.


Have you ever  got frustrated over ordering a ticket to your hometown and it becomes your inspiration to start a startup? Only the founder of Traveloka, Ferry Unardi, could.
Traveloka is a web service using PHP for everyone who wants to buy flight tickets, train tickets, or book hotels. Found in 2012, it quickly spreads and gains popularity in Indonesia as a ticket-buying and hotel-booking site that serves domestic and international destination.


Using online shopping mall concept, is another successful Ecommerce website using PHP in Indonesia. The advantage of this site is free delivery cost for all region in Indonesia. You can buy everything you want according to the 15 categories, including gadgets, fashion, ticket & voucher, home appliance, automotive, culinary, and Indonesia’s indigenous products (e.g. batik, Indonesian culinary, domestic tour tickets, etc) in the website.

Inspired enough?  
Don’t forget to mention other startups’ websites or mobile apps built with PHP as well!

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