Improving App Quality

Improving App Quality

How to improve an app’s visibility is by always improving the quality of its app. A high-quality app can have unexpected positive publicity. Here’s how to improve the quality of your app.


1. Listen To Your Users


The success of an app involves the users of an app you use such as a number of downloads, daily activity, retention rate.

The most effective way is to listen to users by reading or responding to comments on your app in the Android Market, although Android market does not provide two-way communication media for developers and users, you can use great support tools like Google Groups, Zoho Discussions, etc.


2. Improve Stability And Eliminate Bugs


One way to improve stability is to send a UI randomly to your app activity and allow you to trigger a stream of users who can find stability issues.

Stores external bugs and request trackers
Features. This will allow your users to engage with the app at a much closer level, following the features and bugs that affect it. Users frustrated with application problems can be managed effectively with tracking and diligent communication.


3. Improve UI Responsiveness


One way to improve UI performance is to minimize the complexity of your layout. It’s time to simplify the layout and consider refactoring deeply nested LinearLayouts to RelativeLayout.

4. Improve Appearance and Aesthetics

There are ways to improve the look of your app. You can improve your view by building as much functionality as possible into your App. How to improve it is to create additional designs using UI.


5. Sending The Right Features


Having the right features in your app is important. You can build functionality into your app. Gives instant gratification by providing important information on mobile devices.

Integrate with third party systems and applications. The best way is to provide a different experience to users by tightly integrating their operating system and another integration is by giving users fun with updated features.

That’s his explanation about improving app quality, if you want to know information about a mobile app, system app, and other technologies visit our blog at

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