How to Make Your Programming Language Community Goes Big

How to Make Your Programming Language Community Goes Big

However, things will get hard if you don’t know how to communicate with them, especially on Slack, a cloud-based forum or digital workspace that powers your organization. Many programming language community in Indonesia that have used Slack to mingle with its members. What should you do to keep people interested in your community? As long as you know the tricks, this won’t be an issue. We have rounded up five tips on how to maintain and make a prominent programming language in your country, or maybe, in tech world!

Always respond to people’s question

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When people joining your community on Slack, they are usually only dropping by to ask few questions. Our advice: don’t ignore them. Try to answer their questions related to your community and programming language. You don’t have to reply it fast, but don’t take a full-day to answer it. If you leave them with answered question, they would likely to stay on Slack and help others who ask the similar questions. There! Your community is slowly, but surely, growing!

Keep discipline in maintaining rules

Banning a member who breaks the rules is important thing to do. Lead by example is what we mean. It doesn’t mean you’re a strict moderator, it just means you care for other members’ comfort in your community. However, please keep that in mind that you only kick a member if he/she made a terrible mistake. If it’s about a simple thing, you can warn him/her as a friend then guide them to the right path by providing some guidelines.

Keep FAQ answers related to programming language

Sometimes newcomers are asking the same questions. It would be taking your time (and energy) to answer the questions all over again. Hence, it’s important to keep a library of FAQ answers, take an example blog posts. If they ask how to fix bugs, you can answer it quickly and correctly by referring them to the provided link.

Be a patient mod

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Being a friendly mod is never easy. You communicate with newbies and people in your community, it can up to hundred of people, every single day. If you are frustrated by their attitudes or already-answered questions, you can take a break for a while and do something else to cool your head. We encourage you to not work alone as a mod. Instead, you can ask your friends in community to back you up when you can’t handle the community.

Take some rest!

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As pinpointed the tip above, you should take a rest. Maintaining a community and always act friendly is not an easy task. You need to step away for a bit to rest your body and mind. Be discipline to yourself when it comes to balancing your daily activity. If there is a people in forum ask a question when it’s already bed time, just simply ignore it. Don’t tire yourself and get some rest to be an optimal mod for tomorrow morning.

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