How to Make Your Mobile Application Captivating and Downloaded by Many

How to Make Your Mobile Application Captivating and Downloaded by Many

How to Make Your Mobile Application Captivating and Downloaded by Many

How to Make Your Mobile Application Captivating and Downloaded by Many

Creating mobile app is not only all about making it eye-catching and suitable for people. Other than making a excellent mobile app, you also need strategies to make your mobile app shines and, the most important, stands out. Below are tips to boost your mobile app into a well-known one.

1. iOs or Android? Beware of its features and geographical differences!

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Whilst iOS users are very updated with its latest version, only a few Android users is. As a developer, you need to consider this fact as it can determine how many people download your app. It is okay to keep adding new features on your app if it’s using iOS platform, however don’t update your Android app continuously because many of its users don’t have the latest version.

Also, considering your users’ geographic is a good idea. For example, you need to make a application both in English and Thailand if your users are based in Thailand. You also need to examine what kind of app and cultural approach in specific region to make it acceptable for your users.

2. Make a top notch mobile app

Don’t ever considering put your app on Apple Store or Google Play in a glitchy condition and thinking of fixing it when users complain about it, because bad reviews will make your app’s kicked out of marketplace. Always test your app multiple times to check it works functionally. First impression is important!

3. Presentation is your primary strategy

Excellent apps don’t always determine developers’ success. Sorry to burst your bubble on this one, but you need strategy for branding your app through its appearance. Use an eye-catching icon for representing your app. Make it simple, recognizable, and elegant.

4. Don’t ignore the power of SEO

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Again similar to point number three, you also need an engaging words to attract users. Use popular keywords using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to make your app easy to find by your users. If you’re targeting more specific market (avoiding the hipsters, perhaps?), you can also use uncommon words to upscale your app. However, note that not every popular keywords are relevant to your app, so choose it wisely.

5. Ask rate, review, and feedback from your actual costumer

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According to a survey by BrightLocal, cited from, 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. This is a fact that you can’t ignore. If you have users downloaded and are using your app, make sure to ask them to rate, review, and give feedback based on your app’s performance. Don’t ever think asking review from fake users, even your family members, because you never know the power of stalking from your users.

So, how about starting to make your mobile application awesome?

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