How To Make Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web is the latest technologies to combine the web and mobile application. The website will build by web technologies. Progressive web is the larger ecosystem, plugins, and community and relative for developing and maintenance website to compared native application.

1. What Is Progressive Web Apps ?

Progressive web application is an advantage of mobile app’s characteristics for resulting in improved user retention and performance without complications involve in maintaining a mobile application.

2. Why Must Build Progressive Web App ?

Native recommended application that expects users to return our frequently and progressive web app is not any different. For example, Flipkart uses progressive web app for the popular e-commerce platform. Progressive web app works in all browsers and the experience is enhanced whenever the user browser updated with new and improved features and APIs. Progressive web will apply the concepts of progressive web apps will only make it better.

3. Characteristics of A Progressive Web App

Progressive web have several characteristic which are :

  • Progressive Progressive web app must work on any device and any features available on the user’s device and browser.
  • Discoverable Progressive web app is a website, it will be discoverable ins search engines and it’s native applications.
  • Linkable Website will use the URL to indicate the current state of the application.
  • Responsive Progresive web app’s UI must fit the device from factor and screen size.
  • App-like Progressive web app will like a native app to build on the application shell model.
  • Connectivity Independent It works in areas of low connectivity or offline.
  • Re-engageable Mobile app user is more likely to reuse their apps and progressive web apps are intended to achieve the same goals through features such as push notifications.
  • Installable Porgrressive web app can be installed on device home screen.
  • Fresh When new content is published and the user connected to the internet.
  • Safe Progressive web app has more intimate user experience and because all network request can be intercepted through service workers.


4. Let’s Code

Progressive web app doesn’t need the Internet connection and they reload the web app, we want to show them a list of upcoming flights, retrieved from an API.

5. The Basic

Characteristics of a progressive web app are must work on all devices and must enhance on devices and browser. Built with HTML 5 and JavaScript that simulate for the retrieval of data from mock API. Our website follows Google’s material design guidelines, a set of principles that guide design and interaction.

6. Service Workers

Progressive web apps can work offline. Service worker will show data and was retrieved in previous sessions of the app. We can cache all static resources, which could drastically reduce network request and improve performance.

7. Application Shell

Progressive web application bridge this gap by placing the application shell’s resources and asset in the browser cache. We can more create the app like experience user with supporting notifications with Push API.

That was How To  Make Progressive Web Apps. In our development, if you want to learn other science about technology, problem-solving, engineering software you can visit our blog at because there will be lots of knowledge that we will share with you all.

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