How To Make A Website With Your Kids

How To Make A Website With Your Kids


Creating a website with children is not that fun right ?, You can train your child to create a creativity and implement that in the form of a website. In addition to sharpening the creativity in your child, your child will have a different experience when you can create his own website, with your notes always on his side. Here's an easy way to create a website with your child.


1. Choose Topic

You can give your children direction on web design and content created. Sample topic is:

  • Family

  • Hobbies

  • Life in Her city

  • Sport team

  • TV show

  • Cartoon

  • Pets

  • Animal


2. Select a Web Host

A Free web host is an advantage like no cost and you can be built in what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) web editor for easy maintenance. You can range from pop-up and banner ads you can't get rid to an unfriendly URL.


3. Learn Web Design

You can teach your kids to create a website can also be a learning experience for you and kids. If you understand about HTML, cascading style sheets (CSS) and graphics software you with your kids can design together from scratch, you can use a free template for your child site.


4. Decorate The Site

You with your kids can decorate the template, you can take the personal photo for her site, snap pictures of the family and your pet, and you can scan our paint and update in her website.


5. Start Blog

You can teach her about use blog. Many reasons to start a blog, you and your kids can share what topic will you share on the blog.


6. Add Goodies to the site

You cand add some goodies such us website calendar can display her birthday and upcoming events Which your child likes


7. Keep Your Family Safe Online

You can keep stranger to protect her site. This security will require the visitor to enter a username and password in your children site. Monitor what he/she posted.


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