How To Get Job Front End Developer

How To Get Job Front End Developer

How to get job in Front-end Web Developer. If you aspire to work as a Front-end Web Developer, you should follow the way below.

How to write HTML, CSS, and Javascript used to be all that was needed in order to get a job in Front-end Web Developer. There is more web development than just knowing how to code. We should now consider things like load time, performance, different screen sizes, multiple input methods, build systems, deployment strategies, and how we manage our code.

Being a Front-end Web Developer is pretty easy, as long as you have the passion and dedication to do so.



1. Prerequisites



There are some things you need to have before you can become a dev.


  • The Human Brain

    The desire to write code can be run by devices that have access to a web browser

  • Laptop

    A laptop will help you run

  • Text editors

    Text editor for writing your code



2. The Basic



Basic to have learn how to write code is you must understand three programming languages is :


  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Javascript


Here resources to help you get started :


  • Codeacademy

  • Web Development for Beginners

  • Web Development Tutorials for beginners

  • How to Build a Responsive Website from start to finish.



3. Intermediate



You have gotten experienced abpout HTML, CSS and Javascript, and you must learn what a profesional development workflow looks like.


  • How to use the command line

  • CSS preprocrssors

  • How to create a build system.

  • Version control with Git

  • Sharing your code on Github

  • Deployment: getting your site online



4. Advanced



How to make a website, you created dan devlope a website for busisness , and theres some thing you must learn.


  • Integrating your site with a content management system (CMS).

  • Learning how to build for a CMS usually means that you are also going to have to learn a server-side language, like PHP.

  • Learning a server side languages how to interact with a database, like MySQL.

  • How to develop with a Javascript framework.

  • Javascript design patterns.




5. Pro Status



You already have advanced skills, how you can take your skills to the next level:


  • Learn to communicate.

  • User Interface/Experience Design.

  • Search Engine Optimization.

  • CSS Transitions

  • Modular CSS

  • Unit testing your Javascript

  • Continous Integration



6. Brownie Points



Skill aren't exactly necessary for getting a job and help you stand out from crowd :


  • Animation with CSS3, SVG and the Canvas API.

  • Creating HTML emails.

  • Back-end development, with something like Node.Js or Ruby on Rails.



7. Getting A Job



You're going to have show employers why they would want to hire you, you can do accomplish this:


  • Greate a portofolio site.

  • Share your code publicly on Github

  • Put yourself out there.

  • Hustle.



8. Staying Motivated



It will difficult to keep yourself motivated, as this is a lot of material to learn and it may take a bit of time before you land yourself your first job,

Here is a small sampling of sites you will want to keep bookmarked:


  • Smashing Magazine

  • A List Apart

  • CSS Tricks

  • SitePoint


That was a brief explanation of How to get a job in front-end web development and how to install it, to learn more you can read it on and if you know information about Software Engineering, Problem Solving, Tutorial, you can visit at

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