How to Design a Gesture Driven UI

How to Design a Gesture Driven UI

Choose gestures in your UI is essential to know your market and the other apps your target audience may be using and we know about the target markets.


2. Teaching Gestures


Gestures are must have in a mobile app because it’s challenge developer to make them obvious for the user. Interface provide many opportunities to use natural gesture such as tap, swipe, and pinch.


3. Educate In Context Of The Action


If you want to teach people a new gesture, you must start slowly. You can give iteration and instruction. You can see a gesture education from the YouTube app for Android.

educate in content of the action | 41studio


4. Use Animation To Communicate Gestures


As a designer, you can make an animation for conveying information about the available action. There are popular techniques to help educate the user, based on the use of animations such as hint motion, content teases and affordance.

The gesture is mostly invisible to us, design techniques can give user peek.

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