How To Create Android App For Newbie

How To Create Android App For Newbie

Creating an app for newbie is not something that is easy to do, especially if you do not have basic in making an application, especially Android applications. This is the step for creating Android Application for newbie.


Getting Started


1. Gain Knowledge About Object-Oriented Programming


If you want to create an Android app you must have knowledge about Java. Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is design philosophy that represents the concept of objects. Java is programming languages that strongly implements OOP concepts. Android OS is developed using Java, knowledge Java is always advantages for Android.


2. Download SDK For Android


Android SDK is a software development kit for Android, it’s for building an Android application. You can download Android SDK at


3. Download The Latest Version Of Eclipse


You can download Eclipse from the official site of Eclipse at and install in your system.


4. Install Android Development Tool (ADT) For Eclipse


You can install tool from the eclipse marketplace. In the Eclipse toolbar, navigate to the Help menu, and you will find the Eclipse Marketplace option. Search for Android Development Tool in the Eclipse Marketplace, and install the plugin.


5. Download The Latest SDK Tools


After you install SDK, you can run Android SDK manager and it will ask to you for install the latest updates for SDK. Accept the terms and install the latest SDK for Android.


6. Creating And Android Project With Eclipse IDE


  • You can start Eclipse and select a workspace location for your project, double-click on the Eclipse shortcut icon.

  • Look for Android Application click on the New button on the Eclipse toolbar. Once a window appears, open the Android folder, and select “Android Application Project.” Click “Next” to proceed.

  • Fill in the form that opens.

  • Proceed, you can click on “NEXT” to continue

  • Configure the project, you need to configure the project. For this application, leave all the default values, and click “Next.”

  • Select a launcher icon, The screen will allow you to select a launcher icon for your application and you can click “NEXT”.

  • Select an activity, you need to select “blank activity” to build your application and click “NEXT”.

  • Give details about your activity, click on Finish if you will finish your application.


That’s his explanation of How To Create Android App For Beginners, and if you want to know information about a mobile app, system app and other technologies visit our blog at

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