How To Create A High Conversion Landing Page

How To Create A High Conversion Landing Page

Do you as a web developer have difficulty in making conversion in your landing page? Well, in this article we will discuss about how to create landing page with good conversion? So, see the following explanation.

Creating a landing page is easier than building a full-on website, the most important thing is a conversion that makes the user perform the specific action you want.


What is a Design with Conversions ?


Conversion-centered design (CCD) is a principle that how people or visitor should act in your landign page. The landing page should be able to serve a purpose that you set. If you make it without a clear idea of what you want it will not work. In making the Conversion-centered design (CCD), there is 3 principles that you can follow


3 Principles of CCD :


1. Hold Their Attention


All your pages should be able to convince visitors in performing a particular action. You can provide freebies like E-Book or other things and make them learn it so they can be interested in buying or using your services. Each address should be able to contribute to this goal.

  • Must have a 1: 1 pay ratio

pay ratio | 41studio

Attention ratio is the ratio that users make to what a user should do for a marketing campaign. This is why marketing campaigns are needed.

  • Grabbed 1: 1 landing page attention ratio

You can see the landing page below and get the Call-To-Action (CTA) button, the purpose of the page is very clear that just click the call button.

  • Delete your navigation bar

The landing page is one destination, so you should be in that place to another page because it should distract the user.

  • Don’t use stock images

Users will know about that you are using stock photos. Stock shots can reduce authenticity, uniqueness and real brand value. You can replace with your own high quality photos by taking your photos yourself.

  • Exceptions to 1: 1 ratio

On a long landing page, you can use several buttons with the same target as the text destination around it.


2. Put Things In Context


Context on strong pages should be persuasive so as to increase conversions. This requires content that corresponds to the user.

The design of the landing page should be able to maintain branding and promotional identity from the desai or sound side. Brand voice refers to the tone of communication and style of writing.

  • Key Title Essentials

The title is important in delivering the promises and messages conveyed through an advertisement. The title should be able to convey the points of marketing done and explain a page.

An example evernote makes a haedline in its product.


3. Include Things In Context


This is a simple principle but many landing pages lack both in content and design.

  • Information Hierarchy

Information Hierarchy is the order of elements in the page presented. Elements must have the right flow and must be connected, with the required material having a visual dominance.

The title of the main page should be clear and readable clearly and the best way to test your design is by doing a squit test page.


That was an explanation of how to make a good conversion page. Do you want to make great landing page with great User Interfaces and User Experience? Luckily we are provide that. We can make your website, especially your landing page look more interesting and attractive when visitors come by. Tell us what look you like or simply trust us to make it different based on your business goals. You can contact us directly

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