How To Build A Mobile App

How To Build A Mobile App

Many ideas develop in making an app and you may not yet know how to realize the idea into something useful. Here is a guide on how to create a mobile app.


1. Set A Goal


Set Goal | 41studio

Get rid of all forms of technology, remove your pen and your hood and then decide what you want to accomplish. The thing to make an app is pen and paper, you can ask a following question:

  • What do you want to do ?

  • What Is the problem resolved?

  • How to market the Application?


2. Sketch of Ideas


Sketch idea | 41studio

In sketching the idea you do not need to turn on the computer, you just need to pour your idea on paper.


3. Research, Research, and Then Research Some More.


You can research by exploiting the power of the internet and see who will be your competitors. You can research about your app will look and function, only using internet and power of search engine. Start looking for design ideas. Design is a masterpiece to examine new and innovative design ideas. Posibility is limitless


4. Wireframe


Wireframe | 41studio


After you researching about you ideas, The next step is creating the Wireframe. Creating a picture frame becomes important in sketching and designing your idea, you will be given information and functionality, this is the basis for developing an application. You can use wireframming tools like below :


5. Start Defining the Back End of Your App


At this stage all you need to do is make a definition of the application you need. You can describe it using server and data. There are several tools that can help you create the app.


6. Check Your Model


You can show models of apps that have been created to your family, friends and friends. It aims to help build the foundation on the application you create.


7. Get Building


You can build applications that you create by starting to set up servers, databases and APIs. Change the functionality of the application you create, then you have to make me use google play and Apple for the application you make can you market.


8. Design The Look


Fluent Design System | 41studio

The next step is you design the look of the application you created using UI. This is important to get others interested in your app. There should be able to create high visually appealing and visually app display.

Check out these app design agencies :


9. Test Your App, AGAIN.


Testing the app is very important because you will test whether all the components of the application are running well, you can find out the drained battery when using an application that is created, if something does not work well you can continue testing it until the application you run As you expect.


10. Release Your App


Mobile App | 41studio

If you have reached the finish line, you can instantly release it to Android and iOS users through playstore, if successful you will make it easy for one’s life.

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