How to become Full Stack Developer

How to become Full Stack Developer

How to become Full Stack Developer

Have you ever heard of Full Stack Developer? Then what do you imagine when hearing the word Full Stack Web Developer? In this article, we will discuss about how to be Full Stack Web Developer.

Full stack web developer is someone who can work on the front-end and back-end of an application. A Front-end is responsible for the front end of an app, that can interact with its users, while a back-end is responsible for core of the applications such as database interaction, server configuration, user authentication & authorization and more.

If you want to be a full stack web developer, you have to master both fields. There is a lot of you can learn, but  here is a reference and what things to learn when you want to become a Full Stack Web Developer, to make your learning easier:




When you want to create a web app, first you have to learn HTML and CSS. Any web that will be created both online and personal programs will start with HTML and CSS as this section is the building of a web. HTML helps add content to the web and CSS can help you organize existing content on your website.


2. Javascript


Javascript is a very popular language among full stack, front end and back-end web developer because it serves as the main language in making the website to become more interactive and dynamic.


3. Back End Language


Back End Language works to handle data-based things, user authentication and application logic. All online programs and bootcamps focus on specific back-end languages. You can use some language like Javascript (Node.js), PHP, Python, or many more


4. Databases & Web Storage


When you want to become a full stack web developer you should have an understanding of databases and storage, understanding the benefits of relational data e.g. SQL, connecting databases with your chosen back-end language, understanding the benefits of storing data in memory like Redis, storing data Cache in browser and scaling database.




HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol which is a protocol for managing communication between client and server. The client is the browser and the server is the web. REST is an abbreviation of REpresentational State Transfer which is communication method applied in the development of web-based services.


6. Web Application Architecture


If you want to create a fairly complex web app, you need to know how to organizing code, separate files, place to host large media files and compile data in the database. The best way to learn the architecture of an application is to work on a large application of its own. By creating web application architecture, you will learn to make efficient web apps.


7. Git


Git is a version control system that allows developers to track all changes to the codebase. You should also understand to get a new code that you might miss, make an improvement and change someone else’s code without damaging it.


8. Basic Algorithms & Data Structures


Understand about some basic algorithms and data structures and be able to analyze trade-offs. You should also study hash tables, graphs that can be useful as data structures, the basics of Big-O analysis, learn caching and learn the differences between queues and stacks.

Become a full stack web developer is not easy, and you have to learn harder. But, if you master all of those things, you can create great apps by yourself.

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