How to become Back End Web Developer

How to become Back End Web Developer

Website can run perfectly on the server ?, have you heard the term Back End Web Developer? , What job does it do ?.

Well in this article we will discuss how a Back-end Developer works, let’s see the explanation.


What Is Back End Web Developer ?


Back-end Developer is a term for website developers who focus on server, database and file architecture andwebsite pages.


What Should a Back End Developer Have ?


  • Analytical

  • Detail Oriented

  • Strong Mathematical Abilities

  • Can Work Alone or Team

  • Can Motivate Your Self

  • Can Make Long-term Planning

  • Can Draft Visually.


The following are the steps you should take when you want to become a Back-end Developer.


1. Choose And Learn The Server Language


In choosing a server language you should choose between PHP language and Ruby on Rails because both languages are free to install on your server. PHP is a more streamlined than Ruby on Rails, but Ruby on Rails language can be more complex than PHP language. The best way to learn it, you can learn it using a cover book or read it on the Internet.


2. Learn The Website Architecture


You should learn about the architecture of the website because to understand the principles and practices in the website.

3. Learn The Database


In making the website database is usually under the control of a Back-end Developer. You should understand about the two popular database formats you should understand at least. For example MySQL is a popular database management software used.

That was the explanation of how to become a Back-end Developer, If you want to learn the science of Software Engineering, problem solving,

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