How to be a Web Designer

How to be a Web Designer

If you are just starting out web designing, the first thing to learn is HTML, because it is the basis for creating a website. You will understand the new terms about the basic software used and certainly needed in creating web pages.


2. Advanced HTML


Once you understand the basics of HTML, you can learn advanced HTML. Things learned are tables, frames, DHTML and Cascading Style Sheets, and also available tools used in HTML programs. You must master HTML because you will unconsciously have a lot of skill when creating web design.


3. Professional Web Designer


A professional designer focuses on how web page should looks. This is important because the professional web designer must ensure that the design they implement on the web page is in accordance with the client’s wishes.


4. Professional Web Programmers


A professional web programmer will focus their attention on a web page that is not visible. A programmer works on the server and keeps the website running properly.


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