How To Be a Great Full Stack Web Developer

How To Be a Great Full Stack Web Developer

If you want to get a job as Full-stack Developer, you must have a skill like a professional Full-stack developer. You can be front end developer and back-end developer altogether.


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1. What Does A Full Stack Web Developer Do ?


Full Stack Web Developer can use combination HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build a website and on the back-end, you must develop application server and database for make foundation structure website. Capabilities that must be owned, like LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) or MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, Node.js). This is full stack developer skill :


2. Front End Developer Skill :


  • Web fundamentals like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS

  • CSS preprocessors like Sass or LESS

  • JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, React, or Ember etc.

  • Libraries like jQuery or Backbone.js

  • Front-end (CSS) frameworks like Foundation or Bootstrap


3. Back-End Developer Skill :


  • API design and development

  • CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete)

  • Rest full services

  • Web fundamentals like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS

  • Server-side languages like PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, etc.

  • Database technologies like MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB.

  • Web server technologies like Node.js, J2EE, Apache, Nginx, ISS, etc.

  • Frameworks related to their server-side language of choice like Express.js, Ruby on Rails, etc.


Being a full-stack developer you must master the ability as a front-end web developer as well as a back-end web developer.


4. Defining Your Project


The first thing needed is how you understand the project to be done and you have to understand very well about the duration of the project you will finish. A web development must be able to set the scale of work from the start of the week, month up to a year. Project scope, It can be helpful to further divide it into phases.


5. Writing Web Development Project Description


Write project description will determine the quality of developer, it’s important because web developer can know about your project and accurate cost and estimate time. The first step is to write a title that targets the type of developer looking, full stack developer must know about technologies were you looking for on client and server. The Final part of good project description is touch upon your desired development schedule, source code, and any design.

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