How much Payroll for Web Developer

How much Payroll for Web Developer

Being a web developer is not an easy matter, aside from big responsibilities in this job, but do you know how much a web developer’s salary? O’Reilly has published the results of a survey of web developers. It’s the main focus of professional developers, but this medium reveals that salary is not full as a web developer but based on what operating system they use while working.

O’Reilly Media has conducted worldwide salary surveys of people working in the computer field. Its latest report, the 2016–2017 Web Salary Survey is based on data from more than 2,000 developers collected in March and April 2016.

The average salary among all professional web developers is $ 78,000 US dollars or the equivalent of IDR 775 million. A financial qualification states of as many as 75% of respondents have a minimum salary of $ 50,000 equivalent IDR. 496 million and a 25% minimum salary of $ 109,000 equivalent IDR is 1 billion.


In the following chart you can see the average salary:



Geographically the United States pays the highest salaries with an average of $ 98,000. For other parts of the world:


  • Africa Average $ 23,000 and equivalent IDR. 228 million.

  • Asia averages $ 21,000 and equivalent IDR. 208 million.

  • Latin America averages $ 21,000 and equivalent IDR. 208 million.




The Number of Respondents




a year’s experience is worth about $1,350 and being male also has a positive advantage.



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