How Django Work

How Django Work

How Django works? , Well let’s see this time explanation how Django work in helping your work.Django consists of a series of components that help it receive and respond to user requests.


Django Working System


  • Request / Response System

    The thing that describes Django is a set of software components that help accept web requests; more simply, Django can accept requests for URLs such as, and return all required HTML for web browsers to create pages.

  • Django Application Point is the URL.

    Django developers have full control over what URLs are available in their apps. URLs can be as simple or more complex, users can access URLs, Django will pass them to the view for processing.

  • Request processed by Views

    Django view is a custom Python code that can run when a specific URL is accessed. Views can be as simple as returning a text string to a user. When a user accesses a URL in a browser, what is shown in the window is the web response. Most often this is an HTML web page, displaying a combination of text and images. These pages are created using the Django templating system.

  • Where Gets Attract

    You have some flexibility to build various applications. It can be used to build simple blogs, or desktop and mobile apps and provide a snapshot of popular sites.

Well that’s a quick overview of how Django works, we’ll give you links wherever you can learn Django :

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