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Historic Sites in Cimahi

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Historic Sites in Cimahi

Historic Sites in Cimahi

Cimahi is a small town consisting of 3 subdistricts and 15 villages. Cimahi has many historic buildings relic of the Dutch era that is still standing strong.Here is the historic Building in Cimahi

1. Cimahi Station

Cimahi Railway Station was built in 1884 along with the construction of the Bandung-Cianjur Road between 1874-1893. The location is to the north of Dustira Hospital, the shape of the building is not much change is still the same as when it was established that much changed is the facilities at this station more complete, such as the mini market, ATM, and separate train ticket sales counter. Cimahi Station became a glimpse of the glory of the railway in the past which is seen from the authenticity of the building.

2. Loji Or Guard Post

Loji is built in conjunction with the construction of Anyer-Panarukan Road by the Dutch-Indies Government in 1881. The building is located in the City Center near Cimahi Square. Now the building becomes a bookstore.

3. Dustira Hospital

Dustira Hospital was built in 1887 with the name Milifaire Hospital later renamed the Dustira Hospital in 1956, taken from the name of Major dr. Dustira Prawiraamidjaya. Household ownership status This hospital belongs to the Defense Department of Indonesia, located on Jl. Dr. Dustira No. 1 Cimahi. Despite a slight improvement and change, the original architecture of this old building is still very dominant. Currently, RS Dustira still provides medical services and opened to the public.

4. The Historich

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The Historich is a cultural heritage building built in 1888 under the name Societeit voor Officieren Building. The building that was once used as a Parliament Building by the City Government Cimahi is located on Jl. Gatot Subroto Cimahi flanked by Jl. Gatot Subroto and Jl. Station. Formerly Sudirman building was once used as Office of a member of Parliament Cimahi period 2002-2004 as changing status Cimahi from an administrive city become an autonomous city. The building, now called The Historich, became the City Art Building of Cimahi and was restored to the Performing Arts Building and the center of the artist’s activities in Cimahi.

5. Ereveld Leuwigajah Or Kerkhoff Funerary Complex

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Ereveld Leuwigajah or Kerkhoff Funerary Complex is a burial complex of Dutch East Indies government located at Kerkhoff – Leuwigajah – Cimahi Street. Although this building is only a burial complex, still this area becomes part of the historical evidence of the existence of Dutch East Indies government present in Cimahi City.

6. Church St. Ignatius


Church St. Ignatius is a Catholic Church founded by the Dutch East Indies Government in 1908. It facilitated the Catholic community of the Dutch East Indies Government and remains active in its function. Church relics of the Dutch East Indies is located on Jl. Baros Cimahi.

7. Poncol Prison


The Military Prison building built in 1886 coincided with the construction of military headquarters. The building is located on Jl. Poncol Cimahi is near Rajawali Cimahi Field as a prison cell for enemy prisoners and military soldiers who are troubled in the discipline. The building was once a Japanese concentration camp to detain civilians or military captives during the Japanese occupation of Indonesia (1942-1945) under Japanese supervision.

8. Abatoir Or Pejagalan


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Animal Slaughtering House located on Jl. Sukimun Baros. RPH is better known to the public with the name RPH pajagalan which has an area of about 10,000 m2 will be renovated and reactivated by the city government Cimahi through the field of agribusiness Department of Economics and Cooperatives. The decision to reactivate this RPH in order to facilitate the control of the circulation of meat in Cimahi City considering the location of RPH there is also Animal Health Center.

Find out more information about Cimahi such as its places, culinary, sights, history etc on other articles here. If you have any feedback or having recommendation places which weren’t mentioned above, please feel free to share it as the comment below. Cheers!

Hendra Nicholas I am a software engineer, consultant and CEO at 41studio currently living in West Java, Indonesia. My interests range from programming to sport. I am also interested in entrepreneurship, technology, and design.