Here Are Top 5 Games for Web Dev to Conquer

Here Are Top 5 Games for Web Dev to Conquer

Here Are Top 5 Games for Web Dev to Conquer

True, that you still need a book, either a psychical or an electronic one, attend classes, watch online tutorials, and more. However, there is also a fun way to learn to code for a potentially excellent web dev, just like you. Hence, we have summarized fun browser games to learn the codes for web developers. It might be just a tool to test your skill, or waste your free time, but who knows, you will spend three hours straight trying to solve the code in order to win the challenge?

Code Monkey

Code Monkey might be the most basic code-learning games, but don’t get fooled, because, with its cheerful graphics and a cute little monkey as it starts, an adult web devS like you will likely engaged to this game as well as children. It teaches coding using CoffeeScript, a language that compiles into JavaScript and might be not the most popular programming language this year, but you won’t care about it too much because the fun you get from playing this game.


A French-based game CodinGame will make every web developers join the binge. It’s like a Dota version, but it’s specially made for programmers. You can learn more than 25 programming languages, including Ruby, Java, Python, C, C#, C++, JavaScript, PHP, Swift, and much more. Besides playing as an individual, you can also go into the battlefield as a group, either with fellow developers from another side of the world or your colleagues. Also, CodinGame is a good platform to get noticed by software development company through your profile. It’s a fun way to learn code and get a job, isn’t it?

CSS Diner

Once you open the website, you’ll see a table of two jiggling plates, asking for dishes to put on it, in animated and HTML form. As we try to put dishes on the plates, we are honing our skills in CSS selectors. It teaches you, without you noticing, the basics of types of selectors and how it works. There are total 32 levels to conquer and each one of them is getting more difficult as it covers previous difficulty levels.

Flexbox Froggy

Help these colorful frogs to land on their destined lilypads by writing CSS code! Playing this game consists of 24 levels, it will hone your skill in coding with CSS as well as testing your building skills. With the simple interface and nice graphic, you won’t get bored easily.

Code Combat

code combat | 41studio

Imagine yourself as a brave soldier who is determined to collect gems by fighting enemies on the Medieval Europe setting, but you’ll fight not with an actual sword, but instead, a code. Code Combat is a fun game for both children and adults of all ages. It covers all you need to know about programming, ranging from the basics until intermediate concepts.

Ruby Warrior

Being a ruby warrior is a fantasy of each Ruby developers. Well, it’s not a dream anymore because this game will make your fantasy comes true! Made purposely for Ruby devs, Ruby Warrior has a pleasing 16-Bit retro animation that reminds us of our childhood (don’t get teary, Millennials!). Either you’re a beginner or intermediate understanding of Ruby, this game has provided the level that suits your level of understanding. Note that you need to save every progress you have made by login into your Facebook account.

Which one have you ever tried to play on as well as your favorite? Also, are we missing other games you think are more challenging and fun? Share it in our comment section.

Source: skillcrush and tutorialzine


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