Here Are 5 Websites to Learn Django

Here Are 5 Websites to Learn Django

Don’t get discouraged, because we have a bundle of five tutorial websites for you either a new learner or an intermediate level one. Also, since we are nice people, all tutorial websites we have listed here are FREE! So buckle up and happy learning Django!

1. Django Girls Tutorial

This site might be a proof that girls are rocking Python and Django. Django Girls Tutorial is a free website tutorial for developers (not all girls, boys can also learn from this site too!) It’s a perfect site for a developer who wants to learn about Django and Python. It consists of an introduction (what is Django, Python, etc.), how to install Django and Python, and by the end of the tutorial, they will give you a simple working web application to test your understanding.
Considering the awesomeness of this website, it would not drain your money right away if you buy their other book titled Django Girls Tutorial: Extensions. It’s a continuation of the tutorial on this website and you’ll learn more than the basic in a fun way through this book.

2. How To Tango With Django

This site has brought our attention! With catchy website title, we guarantee the tutorial is as interesting as the title.
Aiming for students as its readers, this e-book has a mission to fill the gaps of the official Django Tutorials and other tutorials on the Internet. What makes this book interesting is it’s not designed to be read, because it is a hands-on guide to building web applications in Django, thus it’s that kind of tutorial that won’t make you scratch your head every time. In this book, you’ll find guidance on all the basic things you need to know, starting from setup a development environment, setup a Django project and create a basic Django application, create database models, include CSS and JavaScript in a web app, and much, much more.

3. Django Documentation

Many Django developers consider Django Documentation as a gem. We couldn’t agree more because, in this site, every documents, guidance, and tutorial are very well written and exhaustive. The tutorial consists of six parts and you can start to test a project after reading the first five chapters. If you’ve mastered Django, this site also provides you an advanced tutorial which consists of two parts: how to write reusable apps and writing your first patch for Django.

4. Django Weekly Weekly Newsletter

Django Weekly is actually not a solely tutorial website to learn Django, but it’s more like a site for, not only tutorial, but also the latest articles about Django, videos, projects, and much more to learn and follow. This site also achieves every website materials neatly. You can simply click on Archive menu and find what you’re looking for.

5. The Django Book

Continuation of Mastering Django, The Django Book has a simple yet honored mission for developers: provide the best resources and training for developers who want to become Django pro!
As Python becomes a prominent language programming, it’s a wise choice to start learning Django and Python through this site. They will briefly, but understandable, explanation of why you should learn Django and you’ll move further by learning Python tutorials in three parts, consisting of math, strings, lists, dictionaries, tuples, how to cover error handling, classes and functions, packages, modules, and the dot operator and regular expressions.

Which site do you like and recommend to your fellow developers? Tell us by commenting below!

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