Get to know more about Materialize CSS

Get to know more about Materialize CSS

Now it has a lot of css framework that allows Developers to design their web. Perhaps out there have been many more popular frameworks than Materialize, such as Bootstrap, Foundation, etc. The framework has its own distinctive features, which distinguish Materialize with other popular frameworks is the appearance that carries the Material Design, and according to the author's own experience the Materialized design theme belongs to better Materialize than the other themed material design framework.

Currently the author is in the middle of street vendors in 41Studio, the best Ruby on Rails Development Company and Consultancy in Indonesia, here I am given a comfortable workplace and excellent facilities and a pleasant environment atmosphere makes the learning process more memorable.

About over a month I was with two other friends to learn more about Web Development, we got the task to redesign the DiscJoke web page. DiscJoke itself is a web application as a media to play a playlist of music videos you love from youtube, you can see it through the following link: DiscJoke. Simple look and somewhat less good is a preliminary design that should be the author completely destroyed.

And here's the look of the new DiscJoke built using the MaterializeCSS framework.

DiscJoke Before

DiscJoke After

That makes me fall in love and choose materialize to accompany me in completing this work because materialize has many features that really help me and make everything become more simple that you can use for free, like setting up Color, Shadow, Grid And other pretty components like Parallax, Pushpin, and Carousel that I rarely encounter in other frameworks. For more information about materializeCSS you can see the documentation on the MaterializeCSS Official Website.

So, what have you made with MaterializeCSS ?, please write in comment section below.

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