Follow These Steps to Avoid People From Uninstalling Your Mobile App

Follow These Steps to Avoid People From Uninstalling Your Mobile App

In order to avoid this issue as well as wasting your time, we have made this article, write out every reason why your users dispose your mobile app from their smartphone.

Rather than curling into a ball at the corner of your room, wondering what’s wrong with your app, it would be better to read this article and determine yourself that you’ll avoid these issues.

“The size is too big!”

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Millions of people are using smartphones, but not all of them possess huge storage smartphones. Hence, they are going to be picky in choosing the application that suits their needs. In short, whether they need a lite application or they will delete an unused or too big application from their phone. As a mobile app development, this is a big concern. Avoid this issue by releasing a lighter mobile app that won’t occupy too much of your users’ mobile space.

“Why is it so hard signing-up to your mobile app?”

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You will be pissed if you download a mobile app and you need to sign up to access it. Seriously? Do I have to waste my precious time to fill out the bio, e-mail address, etcetera, etcetera? You don’t want your users immediately delete your app, even before they access your mobile app. To avoid it, make an integration sign up to Facebook, Twitter, or Google. It will make it easier for your users to make an account on your mobile app.

“I don’t want you to access my bio.”

Privacy concern is one of the reasons why users leave your app. For them, e-mail address, even a geographical location is a confidential matter. They are worried that their personal information is leaked and accessible to everyone. In order to avoid this issue, inform your users first that their personal information is for your application use only and it is still safe in your system.

“Too many crashes!”

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Always, always test your app multiple times to check it works functionally. The first impression is important, thus you need to make a top-notch mobile app before putting it on Apple Store or Google Play. Remember, people won’t considering to download your mobile app twice if your product is in glitchy condition.

“We don’t need this features!”

Do a research first on what kind of features that your potential users want to use and don’t wasting your time to create unnecessary features or they will delete your app in a matter of couple days. Keep it simple and easy to find. Note that your primary objective is to make a user-friendly mobile app, not to showcase how expert you are. Besides, people don’t like a person who likes showing-off.

“The design is hurting my eye.”

Take an attention to the color you choose or the fonts (whether it’s too big or too small). If it’s not comfortable to look at, your users won’t even look twice. Also, considering making a night-mode feature, it will help your users to access your app before they’re going to sleep.

Both code and design are important matters to build a top-notch mobile app and for your information, 41studio is an expert in making mobile app! If you need dour service, say hi to us! We will reply as soon as we can.

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