Five Tips on How to Make Employees Stay Loyal for Startups

Five Tips on How to Make Employees Stay Loyal for Startups


Five Tips on How to Make Employees Stay Loyal for Startups

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, young workers, average ages between 25 and 34 years old, are the most likely to do frequently job-hopping. The reasons are various, from better career until better salary. For startup companies, young workers (developers, web designers, etc.) are the fuel to keep the company steadily running. But looking at the research result, keeping one employee to stay loyal and dedicated to you is a big hurdle.  

So, what’s the solution? As an experienced startup company that has been operating since 2010, we will share the guidance on how to keep your employees stay loyal to you and your company. Although there might be various factors, we hope these tips summarize the point to keep your employees think your matters are theirs, as well as your happiness.

Hire the right employee

Don’t avoid a long process to hire “the one”. You need to dissect your potential employee’s personality as well as determination and passion of their jobs. If both of you complete each other, (either point of view, attitude, passion or maybe favorite movies?) then you’re destined to work together hand in hand.

Look for the loyalty

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After you know how suitable they are to your companies, you need to look for their sense of loyalty. Asking them several questions regarding this issue, such as what do they think of people who love job-hopping or what are their plans for the next five years. It’s a simple question but will answer your question whether they have a sense of loyalty or disloyalty.

Give a clear job description

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It’s okay if you like the person who you just hired. However, it’s a pivotal factor to explain him the detailed things about what they are going to do for you and your company. Explain them about the job description, targets they should achieve monthly, as well as the primary skills you need from them to finish their daily jobs. If you give a clear map, they will understand what exactly they are doing for you and your company, and so does whether it matches with your or their expectations.

Value your employee

Treat your employee like a prince or princess is not the best idea. But, what we pinpoint here is you should treat them as your coworkers. Think of them as your partner to achieve the goals together. But note that you should keep it professional when it comes down to business.

Be supportive to your employee

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Provide what your employees need to be an excellent one. If they need courses or seminars to attend for getting more insights about their job desks, you should support and encourage them to do so. Remote work or paternity leave also the best option to keep your employee balancing his life between work and family.

Source: Forbes and Beehivestartups

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