Five Famous Indonesian Sites Using Ruby on Rails

Five Famous Indonesian Sites Using Ruby on Rails

But, have you ever wondered which sites you’ve visited using Ruby as their language program and Rails as their framework websites? It’s time for you to find out!

1. Sribulancer


Sribulancer is a website to find freelancers from several fields. Thousands of small companies, middle companies, until multi-national companies have used this site to find the best outsourcing team. Sribulancer has limited freelancers from specific categories, including website development, sales and marketing online, content writing, design  and multimedia, mobile application development, and support and administration.

2. is a website portal for job seekers which was established in 2014. Specialising in providing job vacancies from Indonesia only, this site provides its users with management trainee service called MT Academy. also cooperate with several top universities and big companies in Indonesia to be a “matchmaker” between job seekers and companies’ demands.

3. may be just another e-commerce site, or so you has several advantages than other e-commerce sites in Indonesia. It focuses buyer-costumer relationship based on geo-search. Also, you can buy both new or second-hand products with affordable price, even you can bargain it to suit your budget!

4. Vidio


Vidio is Youtube version of Indonesia operated by KMK Online. Every of its users can watch and upload videos on this site for free. Vidio is used by many Indonesians to publish their works and experiences. For example, popular illustrator Naela Ali has is using Vidio to show her artworks and promote her watercolor painting supplies to her viewers.

5. is a service marketplace that connects its users with service providers ranging from home improvement, photography & videography, event organizer, language and art teachers, and much more. Every costumer who is requesting for service professionals will be able to choose up to four service providers. They can choose which service provider suits them best by comparing each of service providers’ business profile, contact details, and portfolio.

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