Favorite Cafe in Cimahi

Favorite Cafe in Cimahi

Many people think that Cimahi is still part of the city of Bandung, one of the factors is the distance between the city of Cimahi and the city of Bandung is not too far away. Indirectly the proximity of the two city distance is very influential on the culinary tour.

If you visit Cimahi there is no harm in your visit to the culinary attractions are very recommended in Cimahi. We have summarized 6 Cafe hit’s in Cimahi.

1. Butterfly Cafe

Kafe Kupu-Kupu Cimahi | 41studio

Butterfly Cafe is a cafe that serves a variety of Indonesian specialties, Western, Ramen, dessert and various other types of fresh drinks. For price issues you need not worry, this cafe is very affordable range IDR ranage. 20,000 – IDR. 60,000.

Butterfly Cafe is located on Jalan Colonel Masturi KM 3, North Cimahi. This cafe operates every Sunday – Friday at 10 Am – 9 Pm, while for Saturday it operates from 10 Am – 10 Pm. The atmosphere in this cafe is very cool and comfortable so no wonder if this cafe became one of the most favorite place for young people to hang out, in addition, to also provided various types of toys for you to play when hanging out with relatives even more so if you have a hobby of reading, this cafe also provides various Books that you can read while in this cafe.

2. Coffee N’ Friends Cafe

Cofee n Friends Cimahi | 41studio

Coffee n ‘friends cafe is a cafe that offers a dish of pizza furnace. The pizza provided at this cafe is burned in the stove instead of in the oven. The stove is right in front of the entrance. This cafe provides various types of dishes made from pasta, cheese, and its flagship menu is Pizza Tungku and Pizza Volcano. In addition to the menu, there is other companion menu that is various donuts, toast, and wheat. Drinks provided no less refreshing from coffee to juice is available here. Prices are offered from IDR. 15.000 – IDR. 60.000. Coffee n’ friends cafe located at Jalan Encep Kartawiria No 165, Cimahi Utara.

3. Hashi Ramen

Hashi Ramen Cimahi | 41studio

Hashi Ramen is a most visited ramen shop because the price of food is very affordable and the ramen noodles served are very tasty. The flagship menu is Ramen, there is also a freshly presented drink. The price offered is IDR range. 12,000 – IDR. 14,000. Hashi Ramen located at Jalan Lurah No. 169, Central Cimahi. Hashi ramen open every day from 10 am – 10 pm.

4. Gerobak Cokelat Cafe

Cokelat Cafe is a cafe that provides various types of snacks such as Roti, Pancake, sweet cakes, pinch cakes, pasta and others as well as refreshing beverages. For business, prices do not need to worry because the price is very cheap, i.e. IDR price range. 9,000 – IDR. 35,000. This cafe is located on Jl. Ciawitali No. 6 Cimahi, open daily from 10 am-10pm.

5. Sugar Table

Sugar Table Cimahi | 41studio

Sugar table is a cafe dessert and shakes that currently hits in Cimahi. This cafe provides a variety of dessert, toast, waffles, sandwiches and various other beverage, you can choose the topping according to your taste. The price offered is starting from IDR. 4,000- IDR 22,000. This cafe is located on Jl. Ibu Ganirah No.118 Cibeber – Cimahi right behind Unjani campus.

6. Cenghar Coffee

Cenghar Cofee Cimahi | 41studio

Cimahi now has a coffee shop called Cenghar Kopi. Cenghar is a Sundanese language which means fresh, so it is expected after drinking coffee in this place becomes more fresh. This shop is located at Jalan Ciawitali No. 42 Cimahi. This shop is open from 09.00 am – 10 pm. Themenu is presented among others various types of coffee, snacks and softdrinks and the price offered price range between IDR. 5,000 – 15,000.

Find out more information about Cimahi such as its culinary, sights, history etc on other articles here. If you have any feedback or having recommendation places which weren’t mentioned above, please feel free to share it as the comment below. Cheers!

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