Difference between web design and web development?

Difference between web design and web development?

Difference between web design and web development?

What is the difference between web design and web development? There is some confusion about differences between design and development. What is the difference and what about the similarity? The role of each is completely different from the other. Let’s discuss differences between web design and web developer.


1. Web Design


Web design transforms an idea or a visually appealing design and uses layout to build experience the whole website. Web design must build the whole library of strategic techniques for themselves. You can focus point and the purpose that the website will offer. Web designers move to wireframes, mock-ups, and to the final design. Professional web designers build the whole website in design components, with a pixel perfect layout of all the web pages, icons, typography and other.


2. There Are Main Roles Of A Web Designer :


  • Using software tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or sketch to build design of a website.

  • Have skills in graphic and logo design

  • Have to feel for user experience

  • Web designers need to keep themselves up to date with the trends.

  • Web design must keep in mind the branding of the website.


3. Web Development


Web developers use web languages and software tools to develop design and functionality of a website. Web development has two categories, front-end developer, and back-end developer. Front end developer is work to build interface and layout as the interaction between a back end of the web. Front end developers use three languages program such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Back-end developers controlling the server data and request. Usually, a website requires back-end service if it contains dynamic data.


4. There Are Main Roles Of A Web Developer :

  • Building the actual interface through which a user interacts with the website.

  • Front-End developers can use styling preprocessors, javascript libraries, and frameworks to fasten the process of development.

  • Back End developer creates the website using programming languages such as PHP and MuSQL.

  • Front-end and back-end developers can use the same development environment or IDEs

  • Web developers using versioning tools to keep a history of the previous builds.

Web design and web developer diffrence netween roles of web developers and web designer.

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