Design Rules

Design Rules

For making design you must have rules, rules such as typography for layout, color, and thi is the rules.

1. Do Not Forget To Kern

Kerning is a space adjustment between characters. The purpose of kerning is to ensure that the space between each letter visually looks neat and orderly.

2. Do Not Stop Legibility For Aesthetic Reasons

A common mistake is the excessive use of capital letters, indirectly they will prevent the ability of the eye to distinguish the shape of the letters and other errors is about the type of size. Do not obstruct legibility for an aesthetic reason.

3. Keep Your Short Line

The long letter rule is at least six lines of words or about 30-40 characters, the fewer and the sentences that you will break the risk of your sentences will be boring.

4. Have a Hierarchy Purpose

A strong, directional hierarchy is a powerful tool, hiracah concerning the arrangement of visual elements, the most important element being made is to hold the greatest attention through scale, color, type etc.

5. Practise Appropriate Word Spacing

There are rules and elements to be considered that the distance of words and letters and there are two main points of distance that is passed the tracking and leading. Leading is a space adjustment between vertical lines of type and the rule of thumb is to be able to adjust the space between lower case letters in each word.

6.  Use The Correct Alignment

There are 4 types of alignment that is, left, center, right and right. The left-in type is the most commonly used form because it is the easiest to read and assigned to the left edge. Right-aligned type is aligned to right type, it is used for decorative purposes in the form of branding or small pieces. Centralized text has many uses to facilitate and balance a few types and make aesthetic type settings.

7. Using Grid

The grid helps to shape and measure and align elements on the page to make it easy to design, as well as neat and logical. The more grids you use the more aligned your designs are.

8. Desain untuk Audience

Every design you do has a specific purpose that you want to be seen by audiences and you will receive communication from audiences that see your design. Your design should look good because it will create good communication between you and the audience.

9. Don't Use Many Effects

Don't using many effect because many effect cannot deliver our information. While you must make desain is easy the point is our information can delivery to audience without using many effects.

10. Using Logical Colour Palette

Using many colour can make sense of desain and consist colour pallete is important step for design. You must using logical colour pallete for make your design.

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