Cost Incurred in Android vs iOS

Cost Incurred in Android vs iOS

Cost Incurred in Android vs iOS

You know, that the cost incurred in making an app with Android and iOS system are different?, Let’s discuss them one by one.

The development of iOS and Android to date continues to grow. From a financial point of view the iOS platform is generating more revenue than the Android.

1. Demographics

Demographically, Android holds the largest global market platform coming from developing countries. iOS users are usually younger with higher education levels and earn more money.

2. Revenue Model

Factors to consider are about a money-making app platform. The Android system has a larger percentage of apps supported by ads while iOS relies heavily on an app purchase.

3. Speed Of Development

Speed in making the application is a major concern. The Android system comes in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as the big differences in performance levels and screen size in updating an app, Android takes longer to develop than iOS developers.

4. Release Cycle

Android is locked by carriers and OEMs in making releases quite difficult because it adopts OS versions compared to iOS. You benefit to be able to support the latest version of an operating system that can reach a wide audience. On iOS high-level adoption is more difficult.

5. Cost Of App

The important consideration in determining a platform to be built is how much it costs to make the application. The longer the time required to make an application the more expensive the price. From an Android app perspective, the Android system takes much longer to expand its app so that its revenue will be lower than iOS, while iOS will get higher revenue because its application creation system is faster.

6. Figures vs. Engagement

When considering which platform to use to develop an app. Part of this determination is the idea of how to monetize an app. The Android system has many users on general content while iOS has certain users.

7. Choosing Your App Development Platform

Developing apps for iOS makes it easier to earn more revenue. When you start developing an app you should be able to choose which platform you will develop, choose one or choose both at once. If your funds are limited iOS is the best place to start it because in addition to cheap can provide greater benefits.

Many aspects to consider when choosing a platform for app development. So, if you know about technologies, software engginering, you can visit our blog at


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