Comprehensive Introduction to Grid System in Web Design

Comprehensive Introduction to Grid System in Web Design

In designing a website there are things to do, one of them is using grid system on your design. We will introduce about that right now.



1. What Is a Grid System ?


grid system | 41studio


The grid system is a basic structure in the design that you create consisting of lines that can not be seen on the design elements that are placed.

The grid system will assist you in achieving harmony and consistency in your design that will look orderly, neat and structured.



2. Terminology


Terminology | 41studio


Units in blogs become the basis of every grid. Some units can form an entire grid.



3. Sewers


Sewers | 41studio


The yellow stripes in the illustration below will represent the gutter separating each unit.



4. Column


Column | 41studio


Creating multiple and unique gutters can form columns that are an effective container for strategically positioning your content.



5. Rule of Thirds


Rule of thirds is a composition that puts content at a certain point that is divided into three parts and results more beautiful when viewed. This is a composition often used by photographers. But you can implement it on your website design.



6. 12 Unit Grid system


12 grid system is very versatile and you start with something concrete that makes the first system good for building your layout. 12 grid units are your friends. You can split them into flexible three, four and six columns handling all sorts of content. There are several layouts that take advantage of the flexibility the grid has to offer. There are some framework that applied this grid system like Bootstrap and Foundation



7. Four Column Squares


The main benefit of the four-column grid is its simplicity, its balance and it's also very reliable. Each column here includes three units.



8. Three Column Box


With this grid, each column spans four units. This variation is a bit more involved as this is an asymmetric grid and you should be smarter in finding balance in your design. Such asymmetrical layouts are often considered more active and more skilled



9. Six columns


Columns include two units, making things slightly more challenging than the three-column grid. It breaks each column of three grid columns into two further columns. The six-column column gives you more options and opportunities to adjust the smaller details.



10. Combination


You can combine the grid with your design. It's easy to use in combining into three, four and six columns.



11. Pressure


A balanced and simple layout will feel more comfortable and less complicated. You have to be careful to look safe all the time.



12. Limitations


The grid will facilitate creativity and guide you constructively. Such restrictions will be the starting point in making decisions constructively.



13. Mental Map


Mental Map | 41studio


The grid will help build the mental model of your site and individual pages.



14. Final Thought


The final thought is to systematically sync content is the main thing to take from this whole topic. Nothing is more effective in associating different forms of shared content than a consistent grid line.


In our company, grid system is one of important thing that we care, because the grid system is making websites more cleaner and more easy to organize. The look of your website is the mirror of your whole business and your offers, it's reflecting your creativity and will make you looked different from others. So, we are 41 Studio providing you web design service to make your website look more interesting and make your business grow. Tell us what look you like or simply trust us to make it different based on your business goals.

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