Cimahi Ship Mosque

Cimahi Ship Mosque

The mosque is located on Jl. Bapa Ampi, Baros – Cimahi. The uniqueness of its shape highlighted the attention of many media to cover the uniqueness of this mosque building.

1. History Of Cimahi Ship Mosque

Al-Baakhirah is a unique mosque in Cimahi whose design is inspired by the story of Nuh ship. Masjid Al-Baakhirah inaugurated on April 24, 2016. The existence of this mosque is not only appalling the city of Cimahi but stir Indonesia.

The founder of this mosque is the late H. Budianto, before his death in 2002 expressed his desire to be able to establish a mosque that is used for the benefit of the surrounding community. Two main reasons underlying the form of a mosque that resembles a ship, the first is the late H. Budianto loves the world of shipping, the late H. Budianto during his lifetime profession as a marine ship captain once brought the Motor Vessel Kerinci from Germany to Indonesia, the second reason is he very exemplified the story of Nuh as in building the ark in order to save his people from the great flood.

The mosque is in the endowments to the community to be used as a place of worship of Islamic society. A waqf inscription placed in front of a ship inside the park near the ship’s anchor is a symbol that this mosque has belonged to the community.

2. Religious Attractions

Currently, Al-Baakhirah mosque became one of the religious tourism destinations. Since officially established mosque shaped sea ship is a lot of people visiting the Mosque of Al-Baakhirah both from within the city and outside the city. Most who visit this mosque is they want to see directly the shaped mosque of this ship.

3. The Uniqueness Of The Mosque Ship

Another unique thing is Masjid Al Baakhirah, inside the mosque is actually made to resemble an original ship like a buoy contained near the bulletin board, a platform used for a ship that there is a panel to regulate electricity. The right side of this mosque there is a tower made like a lighthouse, the front of the mosque is not less unique that there is a drum made of wood and leather with artistic design and there is also a miniature KM Kerinci wrapped in glass.

If you want to visit this unique mosque is quite easy, If you come from outside the city Cimahi you can enter the toll and exit through the toll gate, Baros, then turn left towards the city Cimahi straight until you find a fork right in front of the Office Pusdik Armed turn right to Meet the church not far from your church Turn left and this mosque is visible from the highway.

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