Cimahi Called Army City

Cimahi Called Army City

   Cimahi City is a city in West Java Province. Cimahi is located between Bandung Regency and West Bandung Regency. Formerly, Cimahi is a part of Bandung regency, then set as an administrative city on 29 January 1976, over the course of time on June 21, 2001. Cimahi officially designated as an autonomous city consisting of 3 districts and divided into 15 villages. But you know until now Cimahi dubbed the Green City aka “City of the Army”? This is the story of Cimahi



History of Cimahi




   The name Cimahi comes from the Sundanese language “cai mahi” or “adequate water”. Based on Wikipedia, in its history Cimahi became known in 2811, namely, Governor-General Herman Willem Daendels made the Anyer-Panarukan road, with a guard post that is now famous as Cimahi square.

In the year 1874-1893, carried out the manufacture of Bandung-Cianjur railway as well as the making of Cimahi Station. The year 1886 was built a military education center along with other facilities such as Dustira Hospital and military prisoners. In 1935, Cimahi was designated a subdistrict.

After the independence of the Republic of Indonesia, Cimahi became part of North Bandung regency. In 1962 formed kepadenaan covering Cimahi district of Cimahi, Padalarang, Batujajar and Cipatat. On January 29, 1976, Cimahi changed its status to an administrative city and officially became a city on June 21, 2001.

Until now Cimahi became one of the areas that growth is very quick. Its population is approximately 483,000 souls with an average growth of 2.12% per year. Cimahi has an area of 48.42 km2.

In 1896 Cimahi served as the military center of the Netherlands, the reason is Cimahi geographics close to the railway line and highway located in Bandung, Cikampek, Padalarang, Cianjur and Bogor, Cimahi is also close to Andir air military base in Bandung.

The town of Cimahi was built as a military center implemented by Genie Officier Kapitein Fisher and his subordinate Luitenant Slors who built the elephant housing over eight buildings.



Besides other reasons Cimahi city earned the nickname as “Army City” because in this city many education centers for the Army there are 8 education centers and 11 army headquarters are :


  1. Artillery Education Center Medan / Pusat Pendidikan Artileri Medan (Pusdikarmed)

  2. General Military Knowledge Education Center / Pusat Pendidikan Pengetahuan Militer Umum (Pusdikpengmilum)

  3. Infantry School Infantry Training Center /  Sekolah Pelatih Infanteri Pusat Pendidikan Infanteri (SPI Pusdikif)

  4. Center for Physical Education /  Pusat Pendidikan Jasmani (Pusdikjas)

  5. Education Center Equipment / Pusat Pendidikan Peralatan (Pusdikpal)

  6. Education Center for Transportation /  Pusat Pendidikan Pembekalan Angkutan (Pusdikbekang)

  7. Military Police Education Center / Pusat Pendidikan Polisi Militer (Pusdikpom)

  8. Transportation Education Center / Pusat Pendidikan Perhubungan (Pusdikhub).


Army headquarters include :


  • Brigif 15 / Kujang II

  • Pussenarhanud Kodiklatad

  • Pussenarmed Kodiklatad

  • Kiban Yonzipur 3 / Macan Beetle

  • Kodim 0609 / Kabupaten Bandung

  • Yonarmed 4/105 Parahyangan

  • Tepbek Cimahi

  • Koramil 0922 / Cimahi

  • Koramil 0925 / North Cimahi

  • Rumkit Tk. II Kesdam III / Siliwangi

  • Kesdim Cimahi


   The number of Army education centers and military facilities is almost 60% of the area of Cimahi city used by soldiers especially the Army.


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