Cimahi Animation City

Cimahi Animation City

Cimahi is indeed a small town consisting of only 3 sub-districts and 15 villages, but although this small town has very creative human resources. Cimahi has a place where animated creators work. Animation Film “Keluarga Somat” is one result of the animated creator Cimahi.

History of Animation in Cimahi

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On September 29, 2009, Cimahi was designated as Cimahi Creative Association or called CCA. CCA is a place for creative industry players. The CCA, chaired by Rudy Suteja who also serves as President Director of Baros Creative Partner, will be represented by 7 people representing 7 creative industry sectors: Film & Photography, ICT, Animation / Comics / Games, Crafts & Art, Design, Fashion, And tours. It is expected that CCA will support the creation of Cimahi who designs itself as Cyber Creative City and is characterized by the establishment of a magnificent building as the center of creativity and creative community activity in Cimahi.

Animation Development In Cimahi

The animation sector became one of the focus of Cimahi City development program. The animation is included in the telematics industry cluster that has the potential to be an alternative to moving the economy of Cimahi city.

In developing its animation industry, Cimahi city government is cooperating with BPPT and organizing a biennial event called Baros International Animation Festival (BIAF). Through the event every two years, Cimahi will be more known to the world as an animation center.

The development of animation in the city of Cimahi is growing very fast, the impact is the animation creator receives movie order from countries in Asia and Europe. Animated works produced by animated creators Cimahi include Somat’s Family, Historia Kelana, etc.Also, Cimahi city government builds the Technopark in Baros area for supporting the animation industry development

Find out more information about Cimahi such as its culinary, sights, history etc on other articles here. If you have any feedback or having recommendation places which weren’t mentioned above, please feel free to share it as the comment below. Cheers!

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