Baso Trisno is Most Delicious In Cimahi

Baso Trisno is Most Delicious In Cimahi

Baso (meatballs) are typical Indonesian food. Baso are generally made from a mixture of ground beef and tapioca flour. Baso are generally served hot with clear gravy broth, mixed with noodles, bean sprouts, saushin and sprinkled with fried onions and celery. Did you know Cimahi has meatballs that have been established since 1985 ?



Baso Trisno



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Baso Trisno is in Cimahi City, the name “Trisno” is taken from the owner’s name, Mr. Trisno. Kedai Bakso has been there since 1985, initially only in the form of tent stalls. Places to eat is always busy visited by customers because the taste of this meatball is very delicious. The location is very strategic ie on the roadside and easy to find.

Kedai Baso Trisno is very famous in Cimahi City, It is said that some Indonesian artists have stopped by in this Bakso shop like Gading Marten, Irfan Hakim and Pak Bondan.

Kedai Baso Trisno has 2 branches:
Baso Trisno 1 is located at Jl. Raya Baros Block H No.163 Cimahi. Whereas Kedai Bakso Trisno 2 is located on Jl. Amir Machmud No.196 Cimahi (Cibabat area).

The menu offered is Mie Bakso Kuah although the appearance looks no different from other noodle soup meatballs, but once in a very delicious meal, delicious savory taste that makes its customers always return to this Baso. There are also other menus such as Baso Yamien (Yamien Meatballs), Baso Yahun (Yahun Meatballs), Baso Bihun (Vermicelli Meatballs) and if you eat Baso Trisno, you should feel the Baso tastes very delicious and refreshing your throat.

For the price is quite vary, start from IDR 7000 to 15,000 rupiah per portion, it all depends on the menu you ordered. If you visit Cimahi there is no harm in trying this culinary.


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