Hendra Nicholas I am a software engineer, consultant and CEO at 41studio currently living in West Java, Indonesia. My interests range from programming to sport. I am also interested in entrepreneurship, technology, and design.

Android vs iOS, what’s the difference ?

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Android vs iOS, what's the difference ?

Android (Made by Google)  and iOS (Made by Apple) is an operating system used in mobile technologies such as smartphones and tablets. Android-based Linux as open source is like a PC. While the iOS is the operating system used on Apple phones. Android is now the most commonly used smartphone platform in the world and is used by many different mobile manufacturers. iOS is only used on Apple devices, like the iPhone.

Let’s find out the difference between Android and iOS.

1. Interface

Both iOS and Android both use touch interfaces that have a lot in common – swipe, tap and clip-and-zoom. Both operating systems boot into the homescreen, which is similar to a desktop computer. On the iOS home screen using icons while Android uses widgets and some icons. Android and iOS offer different information like time, WiFi signal, battery life. On Android phone the status of the number of emails, messages and new reminders is received.

2. User Experience

Pfeiffer Report released in September 2013 rates iOS significantly better than Android on cognitive load and user friction.

3. Apps Available on iOS vs Android

Android gets app from google play Available over 600,000 applications and can work on tablets.

Many of the original iOS apps are available for Android, including Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and BitTorrent. Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store is that most popular apps are available for both platforms. But for tablets, there are more apps designed specifically for the iPad while Android tablet apps are often scaled up versions of Android smartphone apps

4. Speed

iPhone 7 can handily beat Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in on speed test that can involved several apps one by one, cycling through a set of apps twice. iPhone can able complete two laps in 1m 21 s while Samsung Galaxy mote 2m4s to finish the same task.

5. Software Upgrades

Google update Android frequently, some users find that they don’t receive updates on their phone. They not upgrade to the latest version of android for all the phones and tablest in their product.

iOS can updgrade generally available to all iOS devices, including the oldest device, iPhone 5s.

6. Device Selection

Android devices are available at many different price points, sizes and hardware capabilities. OS is only available on Apple devices: the iPhone as a phone, the iPad as a tablet, and the iPod Touch as an MP3 player.

7. Call Features

Android allows the user to send one of a number of self-composed texts as autoreplies when declining a call. iOS’s phone app has many abilities, including the ability to reply to a phonecall with a canned text message instead of answering, or to set a callback reminder.

8. Messaging

Android allows users to log onto Google Hangout for instant messages. iOS does not offer a native way to chat to non-Apple users, and iMessages only available on iOS and macOS.

9. Video Chat

Android can also be used for video chat, allowing users to chat over either 4G or Wi-Fi. iOS uses Facetime, which can place video calls over both 4G and WiFi.

10. Voice Commands on Android vs. iOS

iOS uses a voice-based virtual assistant to understand and handle dictations of spoken commands. Android offers Google Now that has the above capabilities and provides verbal reminders.

11. Web Browsing

Android use Google Chrome for web browser and iOS using Safari for web browser.

12. Security

Android application isolated the rest of system resource and user specifically grants for application acces to other features. Android is one where text messaes are sent to premium rate numbers without  knowledge of the user, and the sending of personal information to unauthorized third parties. pple’s review of all the apps and verification of the identity of app publishers. However, if an iOS device is jailbroken and apps installed from outside Apple’s store, it can be vulnerable to attacks and malware.

13. Privacy

iOS and Android are “vulnerable” to a certain kind of privacy leak: an app installed on either platform can get a list of all other apps installed on the same device.

That’s the explanation of the difference between android and iOS. Want to know information about mobile app, other app system visit our blog at www.41studio.com/blog.

Hendra Nicholas I am a software engineer, consultant and CEO at 41studio currently living in West Java, Indonesia. My interests range from programming to sport. I am also interested in entrepreneurship, technology, and design.