Advantages of developing Ionic Framework applications

Advantages of developing Ionic Framework applications

What is the Advantages of developing Ionic Framework applications? And why Ionic? We are will talking about the pros and cons of using Ionic as a Framework for building applications.

First, Ionic is a platform that targets web programmers to create mobile apps with web technologies. The Ionic template is allowing developers to create mobile apps through cross platforms that can be installed on iOS, Android and Windows phones. Ionic framework can uses frameworks such as AngularJS, Phonegap and ASS in developing Hybird Mobile Application.



1. What is The Advantage of Developing Ionic Framework Applications ?



Ionic frameworks offer benefits in developing mobile apps. The following is an explanation of the advantages in Developing apps using Ionic Framework :



  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
    The Ionic framework can work just like CSS, a platform that can be optimized in various Mobile Operating Systems. Ionic can reduce the need in rewriting a code and Ionic can be integrated into AngularJS so that the code structure can be easily set. The top-notch features available on Ionic can provide new, faster concepts and lower budgets.




  • Clean User Interface
    The ionic style is based on the AngularJS framework that has the added feature of creating a creative mobile app. Ionic frameworks require only a small amount of time to develop.




2. And What About Disadvantages Using Ionic Framework ?



There is pros and also cons. By using Ionic framework, you must make sure that your code is works in both on your platform, which is sometimes hard, because each platform acts differently. However, most browser today using WebKit as it’s engine, so the disadvantages is not that huge.

And you must consider the performance of the app, because Ionic-based app is not as fast as native apps. Because Ionic using “WebView” technology, by that means you are using browser as a app. Basically, you must make sure that your app performance is as fast as possible.

By that means, Ionic Framework is a one of the best system in developing mobile HTML with fast speed, and Ionic has many features that can meet your business needs. If you want to create a mobile app fast, you can Ionic framework for your app


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