8 New Graphic Design Trends in 2017

8 New Graphic Design Trends in 2017

Graphic Design right now is evolving every year, and you know must know the trend of Graphic Design in 2017, what happened in Graphic Design and anything that affects the trend of graphic design, in this article we will check what changes in Graphic Design trends this year, let’s see.


1. Louder and Brighter Colors


In 2017 there will be a shift of color from neutral colors like white, gray and black colors change, into bolder and brighter colors such as red, purple and orange. Some companies already do it like Instagram and Spotify. This is part of a new look in 2017 by using bolder colors.


2. Bold Typography


In 2017, bold typography will attract attention by using large fonts. One example is Wired they use the font in your space to attract readers’ attention on social media coming from HubSpot. Shifting to the mobile definition screen will increase the need for bolding.


3. Google Fonts


Using Google Fonts will be the top choice in 2017 because it makes writing on blogs more beautiful. The popular Google fonts are Roboto.


4. Authentic Photos


The amount of content that continues to increase then the need for quality images indirectly will continue to increase. In 2017, graphic designs maximize authentic photos in support of the blogs they create.


5. Hand-Drawn Graphics and Icons


In 2017 the need for an authentic image will affect the icon and the garfis. Many of the graphic designers who re-use hand drawn in differentiating their products, such as Dropbox have adopted the use of hand-drawn illustrations in everything they do. It has become part of their brand now and is easily recognizable.


6. Minimalism Will Get Back To Its Roots


The year 2017 becomes a minimalist year because the graphic design will focus more on functionality and apply a lot of color to their products. For example Goggle redesigned using the letter “G” to represent it, the type of font and colors used were minimalist.


7. Useful GIFs


By 2017 graphic designs will create a simpler text by leveraging GIFs that can express emotions in the text.


8. Duotones


Doutones are a combination of two colors in the image, generally using bright and contrasting colors and this will be the trend in 2017.

The driving force of design this year is the designers’ revolt against very clean and white and aesthetically almost perfect things that tech industry giants have been encouraged to create more intense, innovative and beautiful.


Do you have more opinion about what trends will evolve in next year? You can leave the comment in the comment section below, and as always, don’t forget to visit the website www.41studio.com. We will always update the latest info from the world of technology, Software Engineering, Problem Solving and Tutorial.

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