6 Mobile Applications You Should Have When Disaster Hit

6 Mobile Applications You Should Have When Disaster Hit

Indonesia is on disaster alert. Mt. Agung in Bali has been spewing out ashes and is on verge of eruption, tropical cyclones is approaching from south, floods happened in Pacitan, Yogya, Sumatera and another areas. Fortunately for us living in this age, getting information about disasters, the sources of disasters, handling, and first aid can be done with just clicking on your smartphone.These are some applications you can download and will be useful in disasters.

1. Radio ApplicationRadio Application | Disaster Mobile Apps | 41studio ruby on rails company

There are many radio broadcast applications available on mobile apps store. However, it is suggested to choose the applications that supported local station broadcast like RRI apps because you can get official announcement from the government regarding current disaster’s situation.

2. BMKG ApplicationBMKG Application | Disaster Mobile Apps | 41studio ruby on rails company

BMKG is Indonesian Agency for Meteorological, Climatological and Geophysics is an Indonesian non-departmental government agency for meteorology, climatology, and geophysics. BMKG is responsible to provide weather information, weather in airport, earthquake sources, sea weather and temperature in a city and you can access all of that information in their mobile apps.

3. Zello (Walkie Talkie Application)Zello (Walkie Talkie Application) | Disaster Mobile Apps | 41studio ruby on rails company

Zello is an application functioning like a walkie talkie. Zello also has a function as a two-way radio. This application also has a canal feature for users to share any kind of information about disaster on their area. Zello has advantages over another app, which is that you can still use it on weak signal.

4. Siaga BencanaSiaga Bencana| Disaster Mobile Apps | 41studio ruby on rails company

Siaga Bencana is an application made by PMI (Indonesian Red Cross) specified to face all kinds of disaster. The apps include steps to take before and when a disaster occurs. This application is more like a tutorial and disaster prevention device. Siaga Bencana has information for tsunami, earthquake, flood, and cyclones.

5. First Aid

First Aid is another apps made by PMI. It is more practice than Siaga Bencana because the content is only focusing on tutorial about first aid. First Aid adalah aplikasi lain yang dibuat oleh PMI. Helping variety on this apps including medication steps for allergy, asthma, bleeding, borekn bones, panic attack, unconscious, and burn.

6. Map ApplicationMap application | Disaster mobile Apps | 41studio ruby on rails company

Google Maps and Waze become the most popular options to access map from mobile device. Map is important when evacuating from disaster. Google Maps has a feature to download a certain area map into offline form, meanwhile, Waze has carpooling feature which connects someone who needs to hitch hike to nearest car owner. This feature helped so much when Harvey storm hit America. Unfortunately, this feature is not available yet in Indonesia.

There are still a lot of another mobile application which can help you through disaster. If you want to add one, feel free to write it in the comment section.

Source : CNN Indonesia

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