5 Top Business Ideas With Great Prospects In 2017

5 Top Business Ideas With Great Prospects In 2017

One of the most significant influence in human life is the advance of technology and information. The trends of using smart phone, smart watch, etc will always be the part of life now. The internet consumption is getting bigger. Cyberspace activity grows intensively, not only the needs of social media but also online shopping, information access, to digital money transactions.

Now what are the great business opportunities for the year? These are the list of ideas with great prospects.

1. Software Business

Thanks for the fast growth of technology, now most of any system in the world is computerized. Schools, Offices, Money, Tax, Business, Statistics, and many other field is computerized. Looking at this, can you imagine how much the amount of software demand? This software will never be extinct, instead keep growing. Even online and offline businesses needs a platform. Either a website or a mobile application, they need it to develop their business in any aspects.

2. Online Business (Internet Marketing)

Thanks for the rapid growth of technology, the amount of internet users worldwide soars uncontrollably. This means that they are already using internet as their daily routine – best chance to use it as business opportunities, we can almost sell everything online! You can even sell fresh air to China.

3. Franchise

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Are you constrained with the lack of ideas and have no experience, or feel less confident to pioneer it yourself, then Franchise Business can be a solution for you! As a new comer, you wont be confused by business concepts, you will just perform the business in accordance with the brand owner.

4. Creative Industry

Talking about creative business, surely needs both high creativity and expertise. A creative mind and body will produce a worth sell product. The idea of this creative industry comes from talent or hobby. This is a breakthrough of business opportunities which is quite feasible to consider because the happiest job is a paid hobby.

5. Service Business

We all know, that nowadays everything is all instant. People’s demand on simple tasks are high. No exception in the service field, some people prefer to search for a service to do their daily task such as home cleaning, shoes cleaning, food delivery, grocery shopping, makeup artists, laundry, etc. If you are sharp enough to observe the society, any service is possible. There are dozens of unique service business out there like cuddle service, dog poop pick up service, wedding on a wagon (wedding with small budget), and many more.

Well, those are the 5 Top Business Ideas that I can mention. Do you have any other awesome ideas that I haven’t tell? Comment below!

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