5 Best Sources to Learn Kotlin

5 Best Sources to Learn Kotlin


As announced by Google’s Android team, Kotlin will become an official programming language for the Android platform. It’s a good a fresh start to learn Kotlin this year as it is predicted to outrun Java. To embark your Kotlin journey, let’s start learning from these five websites we have curated for you. Also, all these websites are free so there’s no excuse not to go serious.


The Kotlin Website


The Kotlin’s official website is a good start for you to learn Kotlin language. In this site, you’ll find a fully-loaded of documentation with detailed main concepts and its features. There are also tutorial sections that include step-by-step guidance on how to set up working environment and working the compiler. If you have learned the basic, you can test your understanding by visit Kotlin editor.


Keddit: Learn Kotlin while developing an Android App by Juan Ignacio Saravia


Posted in Medium by Argentines-based Android Developer Juan Ignacio Saravia, this tutorial consists of eleven parts and each of them is discussing various Kotlin features, such as Properties and Fields, Data Classes, Null Safety, Extensions Functions, Lambda expressions, Delegation, and much more. After finishing all introduction parts, you can also try to develop a Reddit clone app as an exercise. This tutorial is recommended for Android developers and already know Java language.


Blog by Antonio Leiva


Antonio Leiva is an Android Developer from Spain who is a Kotlin lover and he has been spreading Kodlin’s love through his personal blog website. He gradually posts a new article about Kotlin at least once a week. To spread knowledge about Kotlin, Leiva also has written the book “Kotlin for Android Developers”, explaining how t create an Android app from scratch while learning Kotlin language in the process. Considering all his posts are about new libraries and practical techniques, his articles can only read and digest by advanced Kotlin developers.


Video Tutorial by Peter Sommerhoff


Stating itself as the first video course on programming with Kotlin in Youtube, Germans-based software development instructor Peter Sommerhoff has made an excellent free Kotlin course for beginners. Starting with introduction video explaining briefly all about Kotlin, he continuously uploaded Kotlin tutorial videos with a wide range of topics, starting from variables, conditionals, loops, and functions into more advanced sessions such as functions, expression, and much more.


Awesome Kotlin


Made by Awesome Kotlin, they shared databases, libraries/frameworks, projects, tools, extensions, and much more in a very neat order and navigation. It has curated in Git, but you can also check its stylized version at kotlin.link.


What are you waiting for? Let’s begin to study Kotlin!

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