10 Tips On How To Start A Startup Company

10 Tips On How To Start A Startup Company

10 Tips On How To Start A Startup Company

The great idea of starting your dream company that got stuck in your head and you have been dreaming about realizing it. In making your dream come true, you may encounter many ways of doing it. Don’t get wrong, walking on a real life business isn’t as hard as you imagine.  Here are what you need to do.

1. Strong intentions

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When starting a business, intention is highly required because it’s impossible for something to happen without an intention. You’ll probably agree with the quote “If there is a will, there is a way”. In starting you first startup company, you need to be ready for any challenges, the ups and downs along the road. No matter how hard it is, your intentions will always lead you the way.

2. Clear Goals

Next step after you know your intention is to make clear goals. This goals aren’t only about getting big money – more than that, this goal will be about how your company can fulfill its mission. Whenever you face an obstacle, always remember the reason why are you on the business and where are you going to take your business to. The goals and visions will be the lead to every step you’re taking, from zero to hero.

3. Startup Hierarchy

Thinking about startups, imagine it as a high school. There are freshmen, sophomores, seniors, teachers, staff etc. When entering a community, you’re about to absorb most benefits that you can get. Whether you’re a founder or an employee, make yourself as a freshman. Build a mutually beneficial relationship with mentors, seniors, experienced people or even anyone who’s a step ahead of you. Ask them any questions regarding startup issues and things. Believe me, you’ll soon enough be a senior bringing newbies to the next level.

4. Business Plan

After your goals are set, it’s time to spread it out into a Business Plan. Try to work on those lists according to the time you’ve set up in order to make your work flow correspond to the plans. Your business plan is a part of your company’s mission.

5. Building a solid team

Creating a startup business on your own is hard, you’ll need a solid team to develop your business by bringing up creative ideas and make it into strategies. You do not need many people to start a business, you can always start with someone who has the same vision with you. Pick up from your family, your best friend, or even your soul mate.

6. Experience is valuable

In the world of technology, experience is often underestimated. We prefer to look for young talent rather than experienced one, because we’ll train them. But that will take an extra time and money. In other words, bringing the seasoned managers and talents are crucial to happiness and success of the company. Doing this will save your time and money.

7. Fire fast

If someone in the team isn’t working out well, then separate him from now. it might leave the team crumble and you have to work until weekend. If you decide to deal with the consequence, you’ll get the benefits. The moment we hire, tell the terms and conditions of being a new comer and what should him or her do afterwards.

8. Always be consistent

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A well prepared business along with significant progress will automatically boost up your-self confidence. If the start up business didn’t show a good progress within 6 months, it’s considered not succeed.

9. It’s just not about you

Let’s not give you too much credit in happy times or too much blame in bad times. When you realize that luck sometimes plays a role in success, you’ll be more humble and confident at the same time.

10. Don’t seek for risk

Good entrepreneurs, they don’t seek risks — they mitigate it.

Well those are few tips that will inspire you when starting a company. For those you are already on the business, what things could I probably missed? Mention it on the comment below!


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