10 Things You Can Do Without Spending Much Money, Or Even Without Money

10 Things You Can Do Without Spending Much Money, Or Even Without Money

Ever felt tired of working the whole week? No wonder why everyone’s waiting for the weekend right? You already imagine about those great things that you’ll do to escape from the sullen routines. But what if you have no idea about what to do and worse, no money. Well, this article will share you about the fun things that you can do even without money. Let’s check it out!

1. Nap

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The first thing that comes after you pass the hard days of work is to take a long nice sleep. Yes, a nap! You might want to take revenge after not having time to sleep the past week. Just prepare your comfiest pillow and blanket, also don’t forget to open your window to feel the breeze of the nature. Perfect enough?

2. Pursue Your Hobby

Have one or more hobbies? Spending weekend in developing your hobby will be a great idea! Playing music, Writing, Skateboarding, Photography, Painting, Singing, or others? After being busy at the campus or office, this is your chance to loosen your mind, imagining as much as possible through your passion.

3. Exercise

Exercise is recommend to do daily. But because you are a busy person, this might not got into your plan. You can take the advantage of your weekend in keeping your body healthy and fit. If you have a dog, take them for a walk or instead jogging. If you have a garden, gardening is also a great exercise too.

4. Cleaning Routine

After all this time, when is the last time you clean your house? Well, weekend is just the right time to do it. Doing house chores can relief your stress a bit, a clean room and bathrooms will make you feel better at home right?

5. Learn to Cook

Do you know that cooking your own food could be a healthier choice? You can choose your own ingredients within your cookings. By learning to cook will train your taste sensitiveness, so what will you cook this weekend?

6. Be A Volunteer

Have desires on helping others? You can offer yourself a volunteering, starting from helping the Orphanage or poor village near you.

7. Hanging Out With Your Beloved Ones

Hanging out with your friends and family is a thing which makes you happy without even spending money. You can invite your friends and families to your house, or ask them to go on a small picnic at the park. Sharing stories and experiences will add your lack of knowledge.

8. Finding A Job Vacancy or A Scholarship

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If you want to find another better place for your future, you might want to use your weekend. Searching things like this will need a right time to relax and think at the same time to get the best result.

9. Face and Body Care At Home

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Doing your face and body care is not always at the salon. The ingredients you found in the kitchen or in the fridge can be used for your natural care, you can even search the DIY face mask recipe!

10. Watch Movies or Read Books

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Having a bunch of movies or list of books that you haven’t read? Imagine on how many seasons of Drama movies you can watch this weekend? Get ready for the popcorn bucket!

Well, there are still a lot of other fun things that you can do without spending your money. So what are you going to do this weekend?

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