10 Handwriting Fonts You Have To Try

10 Handwriting Fonts You Have To Try

Do you ever get bored with using the usual font in your design or writing all the time?

If so, you have to use the unique font to beautify your design or writing.
Perhaps, you can try to use the handwriting font to make your design different from the others.
Curious about it? Stay calm!

This article will share you the list of handwriting fonts.

Let’s know more!

1. Kristi

Kristi | 10 handwriting fonts | 41studio ruby on rails company

Kristi is the cute and elegant free font which has the handwriting style. This font is made and by Birgit Pulk. Kristi has the different style because it is adorned by flowing ligatures which look like the pen writing. Uploaded on May 18th, 2011, this font is available in several languages such as Germa, Italian, Danish, Spanish etc. Besides handwriting font, Kristi offers another font category which can be adjusted to your necessity.

2. Over The Rainbow

Over The Rainbow font is made by Kimberly Geswein. This font is well known in United States, Singapore, Italy and Canada. Over the rainbow is likeable because Over The Rainbow can give the exciting feel to everyone who looks this one. If you download this one, you can see the unique glyph and character. You can choose your favorite style to make your web design or writing interesting.

3. Stay Writer

Created by Syed Faraz Ahmed, this handwriting font is designed as adorable as possible in order to create the natural and the elegant look. This font is completed by several choices such as the upper case, the lower case, number and special characters. Morever, Stay writer can make you think twice because there are another unique fonts including Dusty Chalk Handmade Font and Sugar Apple Script Handmade Font.

4. Soul Marker

Soul Marker | 10 handwriting font | 41studio ruby on rails company

Soul Marker is made by the graphic designer and illustrator named Faraz Ahmad. If you want to create the simple writing, this font is recommended for you. Faraz just made the two styles for this font which are divided into the light and the bold version. If you download it, you can combine the colour and the graphic based on your creativity.

5. Nawabiat

Nawabiat is also made by Faraz Ahmad. This font different from Soul Marker as the look of Nawabiat is charming and more attractive. This font is very good for anyone who wants to make the posters, logos, quotes and so on. Moreover, this font can be downloaded in two formats such as TTF and OTF format.

6. Reis

Reis | 10 handwriting fonts | 41studio ruby on rails company

Created by Marcelo Reis Melo, this handwriting font has the same function with Nawabiat. It is good for making posters and logos, but Reis is usually used for both individual and commercial necessities.

7. Gunny Rewritten

Gunny Rewritten is the new version of Gunny Handwriting font. The look of Gunny Rewritten is better than the old one because Rewritten is easy to read and it is not complicated. For your information, the new version is made from Vit Condak’s dissapointment who does not really love with Gunny Handwriting.

8. Daniel

Daniel handwriting font is created Daniel Midgley. This font is supported by upper and lower case, numbers and special characters. There are three types of Daniel font such as Daniel regular, bold and black. Their looks are same but the difference is just in the tickness of writing. In addition, Daniel handwriting font has been uploaded since January, 2009.

9. Architect’s Daughter

Architect's Daughter | 10 handwriting fonts | 41studio ruby on rails company

This handwriting font is created by Kimberly Geswein. Acrhitect has been uploaded on January 24th, 2011. If you pay attention to this font carefully, your eyes will be adorned by the cool look. It is because this handwriting font is so neat and elegant. Moreover, Architect font is available in several languages including Italian, Swedish, Tagalog, Spanish and many more.

10. Mink Type

Mink Type | 10 handwriting fonts | 41studio ruby on rails company

Mink Type is the awesome handwriting font which is made by Filiz Sahin. This font is completed by upper and lower case. Moreover, this font gives a great chance for you to explore your skill in improving your creativity with Mink Type. Perhaps, you can combine the lower and upper case or everything you want.
Source: Handwriting Fonts
So, those are the list of handwriting fonts which start from Kristi until MinkType. If you want to make the interesting posters, logos, websites and designs, you can apply each handwriting font. Want to discuss it more, please write your suggestion in comment section below.

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