Google Search Algorithm Updates and Changes in 2013

Google Search Algorithm Updates and Changes in 2013

Google always update their search algorithm hundreds of times each year including Google Panda and Google Penguin that affect Search Engine Result in significant ways. And by knowing the updates of Google algorithm, it’s can help us to understand the changes for your Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Here is some major and important Google Updates in 2013:


1. Link Devaluation – 17 January 2013


Many webmasters saw chunks of their ranking pages fall off the SERP due a continuous link devaluation process implemented by Google. It was like a new-year resolution to weed the lawn.


2. Panda #24 – 22 January 2013


This was the first officially announced update of the year. It affected 1.2% of all search queries. It was different from the link devaluation update of the 17th, which Google did not own up.


3. Panda #25 – 14 March 2013


Matt Cutts suggested at SMX West that #25 would be last update to panda before it was incorporated into their indexing process. Though Google didn’t confirm the exact date, we got it from MozCast.


4. Penguin 2.0 (#4) – 22 May 2013


Penguin 2.0 arrived a year and a month after its first version tumbled out. Effects ranged from negligible to finely targeted. Penguin 2.0 was preceded in the days leading up to it be much hype and speculation.


5. “Payday Loan” Update – 11 June 2013


Google announced it’s intent to clean up the spammy “payday loans” SERP and their porn cousins. Matt Cutts suggested it would roll out over a month or two. At SMX advanced, he also explained that it would go after many illegal link schemes.


6. Panda Dance – 11 June 2013


Panda was now a “roll-out update” that slowly integrated into the algorithm over a period of 10 days. This was more of a “dance” as opposed to the expected “everflux”. Matt Cutts made this clarification at SMX Advanced.


7. Panda Recovery – 18 July 2013


We saw a softening of the effect of some of Panda’s earlier penalties, leading to suspicions that was not the usual by now “10 day rolling update”. Google did confirm this update.


8. In-depth Articles – 6 August 2013


We started seeing a new type of results for queries that demanded better detailed answers. 3 pieces of evergreen, long-form content became a feature across search results for information-seeking queries.


9. Hummingbird – 20 August 2013


Though announced only on September 26th, the Hummingbird update was a game-changing transformation of Google’s algorithm. Hummingbird focuses on conversational and semantic search to try and deliver correct answers to broad meaning questions.


10. Penguin 2.1 (#5) – 4 October 2013


Penguin was revived after a four months hibernation. There were even a few recoveries reported. Forums, directories, blogrolls, and others were affected. The impact was as varied as that of 2.0.


Sources: Moz, Search Engine Land, Matt Cutts


Written by Irfan Fadilah at 41studio

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