What We Shouldn’t Do as A Leader

What We Shouldn’t Do as A Leader

Are you a leader? Do you hate your leader? Sometimes people have problem with their boss or leader, while I prefer to say it leader, because boss is a different story :). When we sometimes hate our leader, perhaps we should learn how to be a good leader and not to be someone we hate in the past. Here’s the info you may like when you are a leader, or perhaps you can share it with your leader, but I won’t take the risk :).


1. Not Knowing What You Must Do

This is probably happen to a new leader or old leader with no sense of learning. Before you agree to be promoted, you should make sure yourself that you know what you’re doing. You must know the work backwards, so when problem comes you can give useful advise, instead of just getting mad.


2. Treat Your Team or Employee Irrespectly

You want to be respected as leader? Then you must treat your team or employee with respect. Respect can’t be looked for, it is earned. You will earn your team’s respect when you really are being their true leader. You must be willing to take their input, their advise. Don’t ask them to held meeting or to do task in last minute when they have something important to do, because if you do, you may hurt them and they won’t respect you.


3. Being a Jerk

Don’t be a jerk, everybody hates a jerk, such as don’t mention one’s idea, instead saying that the idea is yours. Talking about other’s weakness to everybody. Those are only jerks do that. Do not get really emotionally when you have to say one’s mistake, and always finish the problem directly with the related ones.


4. Can’t Be a Back-up for His/her Team Or Employee

As a leader you have to have the ability and willingness to be a back-up of your team or employee. Failure sometimes happen, or even always happen, but so are you. You must always be able to be a back-up for your team, otherwise your team will get blamed for everything, and while the other team member see this, they will feel that you can’t protect your own team and they will leave you, as you’re not worthy to be their leader.


5. Everything is About You

Always remember that you can’t do all of your work by yourself, that is why you need a team with you. You don’t take everything that you are the one who should be the greatest. You are one of the team, the team is a part of yours, so be part of them and when greatness come, the whole team is great, not only you.


There you go, I hope you can now know where you at and to where you would like to bring your team. Success is not only about you have many profits from your business, but also when you have enough earning and respect from your team or employee. I guess only time, skill, character, and a bit of luck will tell :).


Written by Selim Abdillah

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