Social Media Marketing Tips

Social Media Marketing Tips

The first reason why a company or individual choose social media for marketing is because it cheap, and even you can do it without any cost at all. And instead of wasting money on advertising you business, you can market your business organically with these following tips:



1. Choose Some and Focus


You no need to use all social media channels, because there's tons of them on internet. All you need is build audience on one channel and then move to another channel. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ will gain big influence to your business, so focus to build audience on those channels first.



2. Share Useful and Interesting Things


Beside of building your network on social media, you also must create useful and interesting contents for your fans/followers. They will attracted to your post and the chance they will share your posts will also get higher. You can also blogging and write articles, your blog can be a place where you excerpt and repurpose your website content, feature new how-to articles and videos, share updates and etc.



3. Be Social and be a Good Listener


The best way to get closer to your customer is interact with them, and social media is a good place for you to establish communication, be nice to them and you will gain more attention from your customer. On social networks like Twitter, you need to monitor your audience and respond appropriately to their requests or questions.



4. Regularly Update and Create Schedule


If possible, update your social media accounts daily, also use schedule posts to keep your social media accounts updated daily on time. And don't flood your followers, give time gap between your tweets. At first you may need to allot yourself a bit more time. But once you have your schedule outlined, it's faster and easier to plug in the content where it's needed.

There's lot of things you can do to rocket your business with social media, but tips above are the basic of social media marketing, so just enjoy the society, make yourself comfortable and never give up. 🙂



Written by Irfan Fadilah at 41studio

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