So, You think you know Online Marketing?

So, You think you know Online Marketing?


From the old days until now marketing always become one of the important thing in any business in the world. Now the future days have come and so the marketing technique. The "revolution" in IT  industry has changed people's behavior and as marketing we should take the opportunity of this phenomenon.

Online marketing come to change a little bit much of the marketing technique, as people's attention mainly to their gadget, so we have to make a move into their gadget to face them :D. There are several ways the marketers can do to bring their marketing online and achieve target effectively and efficiently.



1. Blog Marketing



What are you doing now? Yes, that's right you are in this blog reading this pathetic article :D. What am I doing now? Yes, I am marketing this blog by filling "crap" article for my readers :D. Blogging  is one of the cheapest ways to attract people by providing information. Be warn that you have to make sure the information you blog is good enough, as people know when they see plagiarism and or people pretend to be a good writer just like me 😀



2. Email Marketing



Have you ever sent email? Please leave this blog immediately if you haven't 😀 just kidding. Instead of using email for your "inner circle" you can also use your email for the "outer circle".  Search your target market and find the contact email of your target, then email them with your nonsense (read: persuasive) language, but remember to always use the words saying that you are apologize if your email just seen as spam for others, then people might not blacklist you, hopefully :D.



3. Video Marketing



Yes, that's right. Youtube phenomenon, who don't know about Justin Bieber. He's just one of the "lucky" guy who was "made" by Youtube. As marketing we know that Youtube is just one of the powerful tools to spread out our video marketing for others to see. However, you should be careful in choosing the one who will develop your video for marketing, the video must be unique and attractive for people to see.



4. Social Media Marketing



The era of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc, has changed people's habit. Whether you like it or not, you have to "get wet" in it with the others. Don't let their attention to your product just fade away, you must think creatively to share your knowledge and product in balance, so people won't get bored, except if you are big Companies which most people already know you.



5. Display Advertising



This is a very common method compare with the others. You just make your own banner, then put it in the certain websites you think it's best to get your target market. Though you can do this free for certain websites or blog, but mostly this method require payment, so it won't be your organic marketing way.


So, after all marketing is just the way how we creatively see the opportunity, while the others can only enjoy in their ways, marketers make ways for themselves.



Written by Selim Abdillah Internet Marketing at 41studio

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