Setup Email Forwarding on Gmail

Setup Email Forwarding on Gmail

Fortunately we can forward every incoming mail to another account to make sure you receive all incoming emails easily. i.e: You have email A and B, and when someone send mail to email A, the mail will also forwarded to email B's inbox. So you can read the mail from email B without login to email A first.

And here's is how to do it:



1. Go to Your Gmail Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP > Click "Add a Forwarding Address" :


Setting Email Forwarding



2. Enter Your Primary Email Address (the one that you want to forwarded to) :


Add Forwarding Email Address



3. Then Login to Your Email Account You Previously Added Above. And Check Your Inbox, You Should Receive Something Like A Pin. Copy and Paste It to The Box :


Verify Email



4. Click "Verify" and It's Done :


Forwarded Email

Not only Gmail accounts can be added to your forwarding list, but you can also add Yahoo!, HotMail, etc as well. Hope this useful for you. 🙂



Written by Irfan Fadilah at 41studio

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